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The Best Way to Judge a Hotel’s Location to the City

Choice Hotels International commissioned a survey in 2014 on business traveler preferences. In total, the survey involved 529 participants. According to the results, 73% of hotel-goers look at the location before anything else.

Unfortunately, good location is difficult to define. In a major city, proximity to the airport or train station might matter most. Conversely, accessibility to the city’s attractions might take precedence.

In other words, the suitability of a hotel’s location hinges on the traveler’s agenda.

How to Measure Distance from Items on Your Itinerary

Whether you are a business or recreational traveler, the hotel’s location will influence your decision to stay in it. To help determine if a hotel is well-situated, stop by these three online resources.

1. The Hotel’s Website

Hotels post local information to their websites to help orient new visitors. Besides a physical address, they include directions to popular destinations and general maps.

More importantly, some hotels run programs for their visitors. For example, a local shuttle bus or daily tour. Knowing these services ahead of time can help plan your commute to and from the hotel.

2. The City / Township Website

Like the hotel, most municipalities offer transit maps, schedules and guides online. Plot your hotel’s location on the provided map and see how easy it is to get around.

City websites often suggest local resources like rental shops for bikes and cars. As well, you can discover new events and attractions. Especially in a new place, local awareness is key in determining location. Otherwise, you might find your hotel limiting once there.

3. Google Maps

Of course, Google Maps lets you measure distance between specific destinations. It’s great for at-a-glance information, too.

Rather than relying on the city’s agenda, you can plot places on the map and plan your trip by the minute. If torn between taking the bus or car, you can compare the commute times online.