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The Best Places to Write Your Travel Journal

The Best Places to Write Your Travel Journal

There are a few stereotypical places you might find a writer. For instance, young people on laptops populate most Starbucks—or any café for that matter. But just because coffee houses are popular does not make them the most conducive places for travel writing.

Hotel Room

If you write best in seclusion, then lock yourself away in the morning or at night to fill the pages of your journal. You won’t find the same privacy anywhere else.

Library or Campus

Libraries can inspire writers. After all, they’re in good company. Furthermore, libraries have designated quiet zones. Colleges and universities often have libraries on campus, among other facilities where you can jot your ideas down freely. Visiting a campus is better than going to the city library because schools are often full of history and great architecture.

Public Parks

Weather permitting, spend some time outside writing your travel journal. If you mostly log your activities online, though, you may need to find a public park with Wi-Fi or tether to your smartphone.


Museums attract sketchers and photographers, but that’s not to say writers cannot find a cozy nook to scribble words. Like libraries, the great artworks and cultural artifacts found in a museum can boost a writer’s creativity and spawn new ideas.


Transit suits listening to music and reading—these are activities that help you to withdraw from the mundanity of transit and the bawdiness of crowds. That said, some people write best around others, drawing ideas from the people that they observe. For a travel writer, people comprise the core of most stories, so it only makes sense that transit would be an appropriate place to at least begin a passage or two.