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Tell Your Friends to Stay Home Next Vacation

Tell Your Friends to Stay Home Next Vacation

Travelling alone frightens many people. Some perceive it as a safety risk while others just feel uncomfortable going places without company. Whether it’s to the movies or a restaurant, they view it as a group activity.

Interestingly, there are arguments against both excuses. For one, it is easier to blend in when travelling solo, making us smaller targets for crime. Of course, this depends on how touristy we appear (i.e. staring at maps, wearing flags, etc.). Safety aside, solo travel also helps us leave our comfort zones, which can increase our capacities for creativity and confidence.

Most travellers who experiment going solo are between the ages of 25 and 49, according to Trip Advisor. This age bracket makes sense—you are responsible enough to take care of yourself (and likely afford the trip), and you’re young enough to participate in any activity you desire. This freedom is precisely why people like to travel alone: you’re the sole decision-maker of the destination and the itinerary.

Travelling Solo Is Simple to Arrange

Coordinating trips with friends and family can be an arduous undertaking. Everyone needs to synchronize their days off and agree to a budget. Unfortunately, settling these logistics causes stress and conflict, rather than excitement. When it’s just you, there’s no planning committee or petty squabbling. Sounds nice, right?

Escaping the Everyday

Just because you choose to leave your friends at home doesn’t mean you’ll lack companionship. Many travellers find it easier to meet people abroad without friends around. Firstly, one person is less intimidating than a group of people trying to mingle. Secondly, one person is more adaptable—you can try new versions of yourself to fit in.

While solo travel isn’t necessarily about reinventing yourself, doing things you wouldn’t normally do is a part of the experience. In saying yes to more opportunities, you’ll learn about the world and its various cultures and discover things about yourself. Friends tend to put us in social constraints, but you can break from these shackles consequence-free when travelling.