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Taking an Eco-Friendly Approach to Travel

Taking an Eco-Friendly Approach to Travel

One initiative of massive importance, in today’s society, is the push towards more eco-friendly living and avoiding lifestyle practices that are detrimental to our world. As travellers, there are many steps we can take to be more eco-friendly on our travels and here are some of them below!

Choose Your Destination Wisely

The destination is a big factor in determining the size of your environmental footprint. The greater the distance that has to be travelled to reach your destination generally means a larger carbon footprint in getting there. 

Be Conscious of Your Energy Consumption

Avoid using energy unnecessarily. Turning off lights and heat/air-conditioning in your room, when you’re not there, averts the consumption of unnecessary energy. Even washing clothes in cold water saves electricity costs, as energy won’t be used to heat the water. 

Utilize Eco-Friendly Methods of Transportation

The most eco-friendly mode of transportation is highly-dependent on where you’re travelling, relative to your starting point, as well as if you’ll be accompanied by others on this trip. For instance, if you’re travelling with family, an electric or hybrid car reduces your pollution emission (assuming you can drive to your destination). Upon reaching your destination, consider using local transit, opposed to renting a car. This reduces the number of vehicles on the road and leaves a smaller carbon footprint in the process. 

Why is Energy Conservation So Important?

Energy conservation is important because the amount of energy we consume is directly related to the fossil fuels released into the environment, which then pollute the land, air and water and furthers climate change. Climate change negatively impacts ecosystems all across the globe, threatening animal species as well as humans in the process.