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Best Date Spots In Sudbury

Valentine’s Day is coming up, but with your busy life it might seem time-consuming to research different date spots. If you don’t have time to look up date spots, we have conveniently created a list, so you can identify which place will work best for you and your lover. Read it down below:

1. Bell Park Walkway/Boardwalk

Bell Park is one of the most iconic locations to visit in Sudbury for a good reason: the scenery is beautiful! The Bell Park boardwalk is also popular to visit, as it provides a view of both the beach and the trees. While February is a cold month, the boardwalk is around 2 km long, which makes it a perfect length to walk, so you and your date can warm up. If you and your partner love the cold, and like staying active, the Bell Park boardwalk is a great choice for a date!

2. Pasta E Vino Ristorante

What better way to get to know your date, then by inviting them out to a fancy Italian dinner? With many pasta dishes to choose from, you can be sure to find something that suits both of your fancies. Sometimes simply sitting down, eating great food, and talking to someone you love can help you learn a lot about their personality and interests. Check out the website for Pasta e Vino Ristorante here.

3. Onaping Falls

Just outside of Sudbury, you can visit Onaping Falls for an outdoor adventure. Not everyone likes to hike when on a date but travelling on an outdoor path with a waterfall as the destination is sure to make you and your date closer than ever, especially if you make this trek on a cold winter day. If you plan on travelling to Onaping Falls during winter, make sure to check that the trail is open before heading out on your journey.

4. Puzzled Escape Rooms

Were our outdoor suggestions not thrilling enough for you? Puzzled Escape Rooms is a great place to get out of your comfort zone and learn how to work as a team. If you have friends who are also trying to figure out where to go on a date in Sudbury, why not invite them for a double date with you and your partner? By completing an escape room, you will learn the different strengths and weaknesses of each individual, making it a great place to see if your personalities compliment each other.

5. Kuppajo Espresso Bar

Who else needs to start their day with a delicious cup of coffee? If you are looking to spend a day out with your special someone, we suggest beginning at a café. At Kuppajo Espresso Bar, you can begin your day by ordering appetizers and coffee. If you don’t finish your food and drinks, you can take them out with you while you walk hand-in-hand around downtown Sudbury. You can spend the rest of the day peaking in all the little shops, while enjoying each other’s company. If you still have energy, you can end the day by watching the sunset at Bell Park.

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Fun Indoor Activities That Will Keep You Warm in Sudbury

Fun Indoor Activities That Will Keep You Warm in Sudbury

While some people enjoy outdoor activities in the winter, others prefer to do activities indoors where it’s warm and cozy. If you are struggling to come up with ideas for indoor activities, we have created a list that you can refer to any time you need some extra inspiration. Read below for fun indoor activities that will keep you warm in Sudbury.

1. Imagine Cinemas Downtown Movie Lounge

When was the last time you watched a movie in the theatre? Since we were stuck in our homes during the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have not gone to a movie theatre in over two years! At Imagine Cinemas Downtown Movie Lounge, you can experience the movies like never before. Not only can you enjoy the smell of buttery popcorn, but you also get to watch the movie in luxury recliners. So, although you may be used to watching movies from the comfort of your home, why not experience the most anticipated movie on the big screen today?

2. HQ Nightclub And Lounge

If you and your friends are bored—and are over the age of 19!—check out HQ Nightclub and Lounge. At HQ, you can experience bar service, bottle service, and the lounge. As HQ has been freshly renovated, you can ensure that the booths, televisions, and pool tables are state of the art. If you are not much of a party-person, no need to worry! Their lounge is fully equipped with booths, televisions, and Nintendo game consoles, so you can have a more chill night out with friends.

3. New Sudbury Centre

When it’s too cold to walk outside, where should you go? The best indoor walking location is the mall. The New Sudbury Centre is filled with retail, restaurants, services, and much more! By walking around in the mall, you will escape the cold from outside, as well as enjoy the indoor atmosphere of shopping. Lace up your winter boots and get ready to shop till you are warm enough to go back outside!

4. Plaza Bowl

Bowling is fun for the entire family! With a restaurant, lounge, and glow in the dark bowling, what can be more exciting for the whole family? At Plaza Bowl, you can book birthday parties, sign up for league bowling, or take part in public bowling for an allotted amount of time. When your children are tired of playing outside in the cold, why not reserve a spot for a friendly competition of 5-pin bowling?

5. Puzzled Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are an interactive way for you to find clues to solve a mystery. Each escape room is given a time limit to figure out all the clues, so participants can attempt to escape successfully. Puzzled Escape Rooms offers multiple types of escape rooms, from a cursed island to a heist gone wrong. Not only are escape rooms great brain games, but they are perfect for team building. Whether you go with friends or family, you are sure to leave the escape room feeling more connected!

With our 5 suggestions, you can escape the cold while also enjoying a day out of the house! If your activities have tired you out and you would like a warm and comfortable place to spend the night, the Quality Inn Sudbury is the place for you! To book your stay, call us at (705) 675-1273.

5 Outdoor Winter Activities To Do In Sudbury

5 Outdoor Winter Activities To Do In Sudbury

Is anyone else a winter enthusiast? If you love the cold, and the thrill of winter activities, you are going to love the list we have created! Read below for 5 outdoor winter activities you can do in Sudbury.

1. Skating

Living in Canada for the winter comes with one requirement: skating at least once in the winter. When winter hits and ice begins to form on ponds or lakes, it’s time to strap up your laces and head outside for an exciting day of skating with friends or family! If skating by itself isn’t thrilling enough for you, embrace your Canadian identity and crack out your hockey stick and puck for some outdoor shinny. Check out Ramsey Lake and Nina’s Way Skating Paths for the best outdoor skating rinks!

2. Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides

Who said outdoor winter activities had to be fitness related? While the holiday season is over, that doesn’t mean you should stop living in a magical winter wonderland! At Wagonwheel Ranch, you can enjoy a horse drawn sleigh ride with hot chocolate and a bonfire to fulfill all your wintery needs. To plan for a private sleigh ride at Wagonwheel Ranch, click here.

3. Winter Camping

Have you gone camping in the summer? If you have, how much different would it be if you went in the winter? Winter camping encompasses spending nights in canvas tents that are heated by a wood stove. If you’d prefer to upgrade from a tent, you can always book a winter cabin or cottage, so you have access to all amenities like electricity, running water, and heat. Wherever you decide to camp, winter camping is an eye-opening experience for anyone who likes to camp in the summer. If you are looking for a place to camp this winter, look up Windy Lake Provincial Park today!

4. Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing seems like something straight out of a historical movie, but the reality is that you can still partake in snowshoeing today. Head down to Kivi Park, where you can rent snowshoes for the day, as well as choose a trail to walk through. If you’re a more experienced snowshoer, you can travel on the longer paths. If you are trying snowshoeing for the first time and would like to get accustomed to wearing snowshoes, you can choose a shorter path to practice on.

5. Snowmobiling

Did you know that snowmobiling has been a popular sport in Sudbury for over 30 years? This is why many trails in Sudbury are dedicated solely to snowmobiles. In Sudbury, there are 3 main trails you can travel through: Chiniguchi Wolf Loop, Rainbow Elk Loop, and Cartier Moose Loop. While traveling through these trails, you can take time to view the beautiful snowy scenery, as well as enjoy the excitement of snowmobiling!

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