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A Guide To Skiing In Sudbury

skiing in Sudbury

Sudbury is a great place to visit to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. Our beautiful city offers everything from ice-fishing in the winter months to fantastic hiking and biking trails in the summer. Another winter activity that is often underrated in Sudbury is our glorious ski hills!

The City of Greater Sudbury operates two ski hills whenever the weather is appropriate for skiing. And the best part is it’s fun for the whole family! Whether you’re a pro on the hills or just a beginner, you can stay active and have a ton of fun on the Sudbury Ski hills!

Here are the two locations you can visit:

Lively Ski Hill (231 First Avenue, Lively, ON)

Buy a season pass by calling 311 or by purchasing online.

Adanac Ski Hill (744 Beatrice Crescent, Sudbury, ON)

 Buy a season pass by calling 311 or by purchasing online.

Fun is waiting for you on the Sudbury Ski Hills! So, get out there and enjoy the great weather and the great outdoors, then head on over the Quality Inn Sudbury! Enjoy a good night’s rest at the best hotel in the city! Call us today to book a room!

The Best Snowmobiling Paths in Sudbury

The Best Snowmobiling Paths in Sudbury

It’s time for an adventure! A snowmobiling adventure! 

For over 30 years, the Greater Sudbury region has been home to some amazing snowmobiling trails. In fact, the organized trail system in Sudbury has expanded over the years to include more than 1,000 kms of trails.

Here are 3 of the best trails in Sudbury for you to try out this winter:

Chiniguchi Wolf Loop (223 km)

This loop is one of the most exciting in Sudbury. It travels along the Wolf Lake Forest Reserve, one of Ontario’s largest old growth forests with colossal red pines that are over 200 years old. You should check out this route if you love fast paced snowmobiling and scenic lookouts! Don’t forget to stop for something to eat at Rocky’s, which is on the shores of Lake Wanapitei.

Cartier Moose Loop (253 km)

This loop is a bit more rugged than other snowmobiling loops in Sudbury. If you visit this loop, you’ll see the round rocks of the Laurentian Highlands and Boreal Forest and will definitely see plenty of wildlife. If you choose this path, definitely stop by the Windy lake Motel & Restaurant for a quick bite!

Rainbow Elk Loop (225 km)

There are so many things to see on this incredible snowmobiling loop. If you take this loop, you’ll see old rail lines, old logging roads, winding bush trails, fields and lakes! There’s always something to look at. If you’re looking for a place to stop after overlooking Killarney park and Lake Huron, stop by Killarney Bay Inn!

Sudbury is the best place to hit up for a wonderful snowmobiling adventure. If you’re ready to hit the open loop, check out these paths today! For more information about things to do in Sudbury, check out Quality Inn Sudbury’s blog!

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Step By Step Guide To Ice Fishing in Sudbury

Ice Fishing in Sudbury

Tired of doing the same winter activities every year? Ready to move on from snowman-building, ice-skating, and skiing to something more extreme? Well, ice fishing in Sudbury is just the thing for you!

Ice fishing is a very Canadian experience. Most people consider it an activity that should be experienced at least once in every Canadian’s lifetime. Thankfully, if you can handle the cold, it’s pretty easy to do. All you need is a rod, bait, an auger, and a shelter for the wind!

If you’re looking to do some quality ice fishing in Sudbury, here’s a step by step guide for you:

Where To Go

Windy Lake Provincial Park is considered the best place for ice fishing in Sudbury. It is located 40 minutes northwest of Sudbury! This is an ideal place for ice fishing because it is home to adorable rustic cabins and because you can rent all the equipment you need right on site (on a first come, first serve basis)!

Other Things You’ll Need

To make the most of your ice fishing experience, here’s what we recommend:

– Bring water and snacks. Nobody wants to be thirsty or hungry when ice fishing!

– Sure, you’ll be out during the day, but it might be easier to set up with some additional light!

– Never underestimate the cold!

– Hot water or tea! Again: never underestimate the cold!

– Your fishing licenses. You can be fined without it!

– Lots of patience! Ice fishing can take a lot of time!

The season is almost here! Get ready to go ice fishing!

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