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Everything A Concierge Can Do For You

A concierge is not a magician, but they have been known to work a bit of magic.
Many travelers rely on a concierge to book tickets, reservations, appointments, and
so much more but some travelers don’t take advantage of this wonderful service
that hotels provide. Here are all of the things that a Concierge can do for you (and a
couple things that they can’t).

Recommend Fitness Facilities
If your hotel doesn’t have a gym or doesn’t have one that is appropriate for you, a
concierge can give you a list of recommended facilities at affiliated hotels, good
running trails, or fitness centers that offer daily or weekly passes.

Buy Tickets For You
A concierge can help you get tickets for shows and events around the city.
Sometimes they even have connections to sold out shows. Ask them nicely, and they
might be able to hook you up with some good tickets. If they say they can’t though,
take their word. Truly sold out shows may just be that.

Help You Celebrate
If you’re celebrating a special birthday, anniversary, or planning on proposing, your
concierge can help you celebrate the occasion. They can do anything from filling up
your hotel room with flowers and balloons and getting a photographer to ordering a
cake and piñata.

Help You Do Your Job
Don’t run around in a panic if you need printing, mailing, or courier services to do
business. Ask your concierge for help. They can even set up a meeting space for you.

Help You Look Good
A concierge can help you look good by making you an appointment with a barber or
hairdresser, sending your clothes to get washed and/or pressed, and more. Plus, a
concierge won’t let you walk away with spinach in your teeth—that’s just bad

Make Reservations
A concierge will help you make reservations for any meal. If a restaurant is booked
up, they will often find a way to sit customers recommended by their preferred
concierge contacts. Otherwise, a concierge can help you at least get to the top of the
waiting list.

There are all sorts a concierge can help you with and they are more than happy to
do so. Take advantage of this fantastic service and use it to make your stay
convenient and stress free.

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