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The Best Family Parks in Sudbury

The Best Family Parks in Sudbury

Whether you live in Sudbury or you’re traveling up here with your family, you’re going to want to experience the beautiful parks and playgrounds our city has to offer. Though it is important to remember COVID-19 safety precautions during this time, here are some of the best parks in Sudbury to physically distance at and enjoy with your family.

Bell Park

Bell Park is affectionately known as one of the most beautiful places in Sudbury. It is infamous for its gorgeous and extremely large park space, which is perfect for families (and physical distancing). You can spend the entire day at Bell park and enjoy every hour as they come.

Memorial Park

Memorial Park may not be as grand as Bell park, but it definitely has its charm. Locals in Sudbury consider the best part of Memorial Park to be the well-built playground and park. It is greatly appreciated by families with kids as children love to enjoy the playground equipment on a beautiful summer day. Memorial Park is one of the best places to enjoy picnics and family events.

Twin Forks Playground

Twin Forks may look like an ordinary park but is actually one of Sudbury’s most beloved. It is a great place to visit if you want to go out for a jog, to walk around in nature or to simply entertain your children with a fully loaded playground. At Twin Forks, there’s an activity for everyone!

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The 4 Best Lakes to Visit This Summer in Sudbury

fishing in lake

Summer is the season for exploring and there’s no better place to explore than Sudbury! Sudbury is home to over 300 lakes for people to enjoy throughout the various seasons, and they’re all ready for you! Here are 4 lakes that we recommend you enjoy this summer in Sudbury. 

Lake Wanapitei

Lake Wanapitei is the largest lake in the world. It was classified as such in 2001 when Greater Sudbury became an official city. If you visit this lake and the surrounding provincial park, you can enjoy swimming, fishing and views of incredible wildlife roaming the grounds! 

Ramsey Lake

Before Lake Wanapitei was classified as the largest lake, Ramsey Lake had the title. Regardless of the lack of this status now, this lake is still a Sudbury favourite. It is very easily accessible, and visitors can enjoy views of the Jim Gordon Boardwalk and Laurentian University.

Fairbank Lake

Fairbank Lake is a beautiful serene lake that makes a great setting for family activities. Here you will find campsites equipped with comfort zones such as hot showers, flushing toilets, laundromats and more! It is a great place to relax for the weekend and swim with your favourite floatie! 

Windy Lake Provincial Park

Like Fairbank Lake, Windy Lake is a great place to take the family! This lake features a sandy beach and great water for swimming and water sports! It is also a very clear lake, so you’ll be able to see your feet all the way through the water!

These are just a few of our favourite lakes to visit in Sudbury. What are some of your favourites?

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5 Hikes You Need to Take in Sudbury

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Visiting Sudbury but don’t know what to do during your stay? Well, Sudbury is home to tons of beautiful hiking trails to take advantage of! Get in a workout and some beautiful views by heading out to these 5 fantastic hiking trails.

Mallard’s Landing Trail

This hiking trail is along the Southern parts of Sudbury, around where Regent meets Algonquin. It is a fairly short trail, but it features a beautiful boardwalk that overlooks a pond. If you’re bringing children, this trail even has a playground that they will love!

Robinson Trail

This particular trail is a local Sudbury favourite. It is a kilometer-long trail that runs along Robinson Lake (which is where the name is from). Along this trail you will also find a playground and beautiful, marshier scenery.

Spruce Street Trails

This trail is a little less well-known as it runs in the small area of wilderness around Big Nickel Mine Drive, Elm Street and Spruce Street. For locals of the area, this trail is an absolute favourite, though! Bring a dog with you to enjoy the pine-needle littered floors, well-cleared paths and apocalyptic rock pits!

Minnow Lake Trail

The east side of Sudbury is home to Minnow Lake trail, which is right next to Minnow Lake. This trail is unique as it is a great spot to pick blueberries as you hike and enjoy them in a beautiful gazebo that overlooks the small lake!

Percy Park Path

This trail is fun both because it is beautiful and because of the name (say “Percy Park Path 3x fast, we dare you). It is a fairly short trail that will offer you a quick getaway and another beautiful and colourful playground for any children travellers! 

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