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Why You Need A Staycation This Fall

Why You Need A Staycation This Fall


As the kids head to school and back to work is in full swing with fall looming ahead, it can be easy to feel a bit blue as the summer fun comes to end. Even though vacation time for most has ended, it doesn’t mean that we should stop scheduling them! It is important to take breaks, take time for yourself as well as spend time with your family. After all, it’s all about balance!

A unique idea for getting away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday routine is to take a staycation. A staycation involves staying in your local city or a city nearby at a hotel and enjoying the attractions within the local vicinity. It can be the perfect way to feel like you are on a vacation but still close to home! Keep on reading to find out more about why you need to take a staycation now.

Take a Break for Yourself

We all need to take some time for ourselves to relax in a serene environment. A staycation can help you get back to the basics and treat yourself from your busy schedule. Book a hotel, kick your feet up and spend the weekend to yourself! Whether it’s going to a spa, treating yourself to dinner, or simply catching up on some Netflix, a staycation can help you schedule in some relaxation time within a busy routine.

Spend More Time With Your Family

A staycation can be the solution to getting the family back together in a way that doesn’t take up too much stress or planning as you are likely to be familiar with the events and attractions that are happening in the city you are staying. Save your money by not travelling too far or for too long, but giving you and your family the much needed break they need! 

Discover Something New in Your City

While a staycation is easy to plan, it can also give you the opportunity to appreciate your local city in a way you never thought! Discover a unique restaurant, an outdoor concert or a new park! The possibilities are endless.

If you plan on heading to Sudbury for your next staycation, The Quality Inn Sudbury offers one of the best, most comfortable and affordable accommodations in Sudbury, making it an excellent choice for your next getaway. Call us today to book a room at 705.675.1273.

10 Fun Facts About Sudbury You Might Not Know


Even if you’ve lived in Sudbury for your entire life, there are probably some things about this great city that you may not know about. Care to discover more about this incredible city to live, breathe and be in? Here are some of the coolest fun facts you’ll ever hear about Sudbury:

1 – Sudbury has 330 freshwater lakes! That’s the largest number of lakes for one location in Canada!

2 – Sudbury is Canada’s largest bilingual city!

3 – Sudbury was built on the mining trade!

4 – Sudbury has a population of under 200,000 people! That means we’re a pretty small city!

5 – Sudbury is a great city to live in if you’re an artist! We have tons of painters, graffiti artists, and theatre actresses/actors living in Sudbury!

6 – You can find all the trendy restaurants and bars on St. Elgin Street!

7 – Sudbury gets the most amount of sunshine in Canada after Calgary!

8 – Bell Park is Sudbury’s version of Central Park!

9 – Sudbury is the Nickel Capital of the world, which is why we have a giant nickel marking our city!

10 – Sudbury has its very own anthem and it goes like this: “Oh, the girls are out to bingo, And the boys are gettin’ stinko, And we’ll think no more of Inco, On a Sudbury Saturday!”

Did you know all of that? If you did, you must really love Sudbury! Quality Inn Sudbury loves this amazing city too! Our hotel is built to help everyone enjoy everything that Sudbury has to offer. If you’re in Sudbury and you need a place to stay, book a room with us today by calling us on 705 675 1273!