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5 Facts About The Sudbury Superstack!

The Sudbury Superstack

If you are from Sudbury, then you are quite familiar with the Sudbury Superstack. And if you’re not from Sudbury, allow us to fill you in: It is the giant fixture that defines that Sudbury skyline! It’s been around for so many years that it is almost impossible to consider our beautiful city without this incredible structure. However, we will have to soon as Vale recently announced its plans to retire this iconic structure.

To keep the memory of the Superstack alive, here are 5 facts about it that you might want to know:

It Was Built In The 1970s

Vale began the construction of the Superstack back in 1970. The project cost about $25 million and the structure was fully operational in 1972. Its purpose was to disperse gases and other byproducts that result from the smelting process away from the City of Sudbury.

It’s REALLY Tall

The Superstack is 1,250 feet high, which is 381 meters! It is the tallest chimney in the western hemisphere and the second largest in the world (go, Sudbury!). It also stands just behind the CN as the second tallest freestanding structure in Canada!

It’s Also Pretty WIDE

The Superstack is 35 meters wide. At the bottom, the walls are one meter thick to ensure structural stability and at the top, the walls are 25 cm thick. It has 937 tonnes of steel lining the structure to reinforce it. If you were to weigh that amount of steel, it would weigh about 17,585 tonnes!

It Carries Gas

A steel flue system is used to carry Vale’s Copper Cliff Smelter to the Superstack. This system disperses gases at a speed of 85 kilometres per hour! That’s really fast!

It Was Followed By Reclamation Projects

After the construction of the Superstack, the City of Greater Sudbury was hit with environmental reclamation projects that included the liming and seeding of over 3,200 hectares and the planting of approximately 300,000 trees annually, which is great for the environment! 

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10 Fun Facts About Sudbury You Might Not Know

Even if you’ve lived in Sudbury for your entire life, there are probably some things about this great city that you may not know about. Care to discover more about this incredible city to live, breathe and be in? Here are some of the coolest fun facts you’ll ever hear about Sudbury:

1 – Sudbury has 330 freshwater lakes! That’s the largest number of lakes for one location in Canada!

2 – Sudbury is Canada’s largest bilingual city!

3 – Sudbury was built on the mining trade!

4 – Sudbury has a population of under 200,000 people! That means we’re a pretty small city!

5 – Sudbury is a great city to live in if you’re an artist! We have tons of painters, graffiti artists, and theatre actresses/actors living in Sudbury!

6 – You can find all the trendy restaurants and bars on St. Elgin Street!

7 – Sudbury gets the most amount of sunshine in Canada after Calgary!

8 – Bell Park is Sudbury’s version of Central Park!

9 – Sudbury is the Nickel Capital of the world, which is why we have a giant nickel marking our city!

10 – Sudbury has its very own anthem and it goes like this: “Oh, the girls are out to bingo, And the boys are gettin’ stinko, And we’ll think no more of Inco, On a Sudbury Saturday!”

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