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Top 4 Beaches Near Sudbury

Top 4 Beaches Near Sudbury


The warm summer weather makes the beach a number one vacation spot for many people. Swimming, playing in the sand, reading books, and enjoying the warm weather are all activities you can do at the beach! If your family or friends are looking to spend some time at a beach this summer, Sudbury has many beaches to choose from. Keep reading to learn about the top 4 beaches near Sudbury.

1. Moonlight Beach

Moonlight Beach is one of Sudbury’s most popular beaches! Not only is it a swimming location, but it has hiking and biking trails as well. What better way to cool down from a hike, then by swimming in a lake? Are you worried about swimming with your small children? No need to worry! Lifeguards are on duty from 11 am to 7 pm until August 19th. If you are looking for a beach to travel to with your entire family, Moonlight Beach is worth a visit!

2. Bell Park Main Beach

Bell Park has many beaches, but the main beach is guarded by lifeguards. The main beach is also notable because it is accessible for people with disabilities. In fact, if you use a wheelchair, you can reserve a floating wheelchair by calling 705-674-9116. Bell Park main beach is also very scenic, so if you want to experience a beautiful sunset or sunrise, it is the right beach for you!

3. Nepahwin Beach

Nepahwin beach is located on the shore of Nepahwin Lake, South of Sudbury. You can travel to Nepahwin beach by car or by public transit, as it is accessible by both. A fun fact about Nepahwin beach is that the lake that surrounds it, Nepahwin Lake, was naturally formed by glaciers 10 000 years ago! This beach is suitable for children who want to play in the sand, adults who want to play volleyball, and for individuals who just want to sit on a bench and listen to the sound of the waves on the shore. Whatever activity you choose, Nepahwin Beach is a hit for many people!

4. Kalmo Park Conservation Area

The last beach is at Kalmo Park Conservation Area. This beach is a simple beach that offers the basics: sand, water, and grass. While there are no extra amenities at this beach, parking is free! It is also a great place for boating, walking, or spending the day in nature. If your family or friends don’t need extra amenities to enjoy a day at the beach, Kalmo beach is perfect for you!

If it’s a tradition for you to go to the beach at least once during the summer, then these beaches near Sudbury are great options for you! To spend more than one day at the beach, it is important that you have a comfortable place to stay at after an entire day out. To book your stay at the Quality Inn Sudbury, call us at 705-675-1273 today!

Sudbury’s 2 Blue Flag Certified Beaches are Great for Swimming

Sudbury's Blue Flag Beaches


With over 300 nearby lakes, Sudbury will not disappoint as your next beach destination. In fact, Sudbury features two of Canada’s 27 Blue Flag certified beaches—no small feat—and Sudburians are very proud of this fact. Being Blue Flag certified means the beach must environmental, educational, safety, and access-related standards. Not only are they deemed safe and environmentally friendly, but these two beaches, Moonlight Beach and Bell Park’s main beach, are great spots for swimming! So on your next visit to Sudbury, make sure you hit up one—or both!—of these exceptional beaches.

Bell Park Main Beach

Bell Park’s main beach is perfectly situated within walking distance of Sudbury’s downtown core. Enjoy a city walk in the morning and then head to the sandy beach for a refresh. If you don’t want to swim, the beach also offers 2km of boardwalk around Ramsey lake, forest trails, and gazebos. A lifeguarded beach from 11am to 7pm until August 19, Bell Park is great for the whole family as it features a playground, washrooms, and a snack bar.  

Moonlight Beach

Located on the eastern shore of Ramsey Lake, Moonlight Beach is just a quick drive from downtown Sudbury. Featuring park trails alongside the over 700 feet of shoreline of the beach itself, Moonlight Beach is one of Sudbury’s most popular beach destinations. Hike the 3.5km from Lake Laurentian Conservation Area to Moonlight Beach for some exercise before cooling off at the beach. Lifeguards are on duty from 11am to 7pm, ensuring a safe swim, until August 19, and the on-site picnic area means you can bring a snack and spend the day!

Beat the heat this summer at one of these Blue Flag certified beaches, or at one of Sudbury’s many others! Contact Quality Inn Sudbury at 705.675.1273 to book your stay, and get ready for an exciting summer getaway!