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Where To Find Spring Flowers In Sudbury

Where To Find Spring Flowers In Sudbury

It is officially the spring season in Sudbury, which means flowers are beginning to bloom around the city. If you are a floral connoisseur, the best season to look at different types of flowers is during the spring. In Sudbury, there are many places to look, and even purchase spring flowers. Read our list of where to find spring flowers in Sudbury:

1. Kelly Lake Trail

Are you looking to spend the day out of the house? If so, the Kelly Lake Trail might be worth checking out! The linear trail is 4.5 km, and the loop trail is 3.5 km. The trail begins at Field Memorial Park, which is a great area to take spring photos for your social media, since the flowers are planted in a stunning way! As the Kelly Lake Trail follows a path along a lake, you will not only get to see bright coloured spring flowers, but you will also get a view of the waterfront. Additionally, the trail features a bird sanctuary where you can view many species of birds, and other natural scenery like trees, grass, and wildflowers.

2. Flower Towne

Looking for some flowers for a special someone? At Flower Towne, you can purchase flowers in-person or online. While online flower shopping is quite common, we suggest travelling in-person to look through the gorgeous flower bouquets created. In order to create a bouquet that is pleasing to the eye, one needs to have an artistic background. Additionally, each bouquet can be specifically curated to your liking, depending on your favourite colours, or favourite types of flowers. To view the most beautiful freshly picked flowers, check out Flower Towne.

3. Bell Park Walkway/Boardwalk

As Bell Park is one of the most iconic places in Sudbury, it’s only right to have them on this list as well. Along the Bell Park Walkway or Boardwalk, there are nicely landscaped gardens during the spring that lead to the lake. If you are in the mood to take a quick hour out of your day for a nature walk, you can be sure to find beautiful spring flowers at Bell Park.

4. A.Y. Jackson Trail

Everyone knows that the A.Y. Jackson Trail allows you to view the Onaping High Falls, but did you know that while hiking up this trail, you can also spend time viewing the blooming spring flowers? Popular flowers you can see along this trail during the spring are tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths. Spend time breathing in the fresh air and smelling the flowers this spring!

If you were looking where to find spring flowers in Sudbury, we hope this list helped give you some options. While it’s important to spend time in the outdoors, it’s also key to have a proper place to sleep in the evening. For a comfortable and restful place, check out the Quality Inn Sudbury today! Call us at 705-675-1273 to book your stay!