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Fun Things To Do In Sudbury This Winter

ice skating

“It’s too cold,” is no longer a good reason to stay inside this winter. Not when there is so much winter fun to have in the amazing city of Sudbury! Here are some extra fun things that you can do this winter that will motivate you to get up and get outside! 

Go Ice Fishing

Sudbury is home to 330 lakes, which means ice fishing is never in short supply! This Family Day, take advantage of the ability to legally fish anywhere in the province without a license and try ice fishing! It’s easier than it looks, as long as you’re totally prepared! Plan your trip to Sudbury in advance.

Open Air Skate

Everyone loves skating! So, lace up those skates and get on the Ramsey Lake Skating Path. This family favourite activity is perfect during the daytime or during the evening and is guaranteed to bring out laughter and smiles! 

Snow Shoe!

Have you ever tried snowshoeing? Well, this winter might just be the best time to start! Trek your way along one of Sudbury’s incredible and dreamy hiking trails. It is exercise and exploration all at once!

Sleigh Ride

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean riding along with Santa and Rudolph. Instead, check out www.rainbowroutes.com for information about winter sleigh rides through a winter wonderland at Sudbury’s Lake Laurentian Conservation Area.

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Get Outside with Sudbury’s Snowshoe Lending Program

Sudbury’s Snowshoe Lending Program is a wonderful initiative that our beautiful city is pushing to encourage everybody to get outside! Enjoy all of the wonderful things that winter has to offer (like soft, fluffy snow) by heading over to one of 10 Greater Sudbury Public Libraries with the whole family to grab a pair of snowshoes!

How It Works

10 Greater Sudbury Public Library locations are now stocked with snowshoes that you can borrow for up to one week! All you need is your library card (if you don’t already have one, sign up for one here). 

Here are the locations to visit if you are looking to borrow a pair of snowshoes:

Where to Snowshoe

Once you’ve got your borrowed snowshoes, check out these amazing local trails!

Winter doesn’t have to mean boarding up inside your house. Get outside and get snowshoeing with the help of this incredible program. It’s fun for the whole family! if you need a place to stay after a fun day outdoors, consider making Quality Inn Sudbury your accommodation of choice. Call us today to reserve a room: 705.675.1273