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The Most Social Media Worthy Spots in Sudbury

Social Media-Sudbury-Selfie in Sudbury-Sudbury Vacation


The Big Nickel: Open to the public at no cost, visitors are invited to walk around the Big Nickel and explore the site of the Centennial Numismatic Park. The Big Nickel is an exact replica of the 1951 Canadian nickel and is the largest coin in the world, so visit the Big Nickel and take up the challenge of fitting in the frame with the coin.

 Lake Laurentian Conservation Area: Imagine the remote calm of a wilderness setting, a man-made lake and pond, scenic lookouts, a self-guided nature trail, numerous wetland areas, hiking trails, and bird watching areas. The Lake Laurentian Conservation Area offers photographers, nature watchers, and recreationists, boundless opportunities to experience the wilds and capture the breath taking views.

A.Y. Jackson Lookout: The A.Y. Jackson Lookout offers a scenic view of High Falls as it cascades 55 m into the Sudbury Basin. The site offers three trails, including a self-guided Geological Walking Tour. Here’s your perfect chance to capture nature at it’s best, take selfies and say Hello to the tranquil surroundings.

Downtown Sudbury Murals: On the walls of Downtown Sudbury you’ll find some thought provoking, colourful and fun murals. They are worth a display picture shot, so take a stroll through the downtown streets and click some fun pictures/selfies.

 Science North: Try on a pair of moose antlers, pose next to a porcupine, or hold a giant spider at Science North and you are sure to get your friends talking about your adventures at the science museum.

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