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Top Outdoor Patios In Sudbury

Top Outdoor Patios In Sudbury

Are you looking for activities that you can do to enjoy the spring weather? Dining outside during the spring allows you to eat good food in beautiful weather, while hanging out with your best friends. If you will be out and about in Sudbury this spring, we have made a list of the top outdoor patios in Sudbury that you can enjoy delicious food at! Read it below:

1. Fionn MacCool’s

Fionn MacCool’s is a chain of Irish pubs that offers comfort food, live music, and an outdoor patio in Sudbury! Choosing a restaurant with a group of friends might be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Fionn MacCool’s offers foods like chicken wings, nachos, burgers, steaks, and fries. If you have picky friends, who generally like to stick with comfort foods, Fionn MacCool’s is the place to go.

2. The Kouzzina

Are you a fan of Mediterranean food? Then, the Kouzzina is the perfect place for you! At the Kouzzina, they believe that good food, friends, and family are integral aspects to living a fulfilling life. Knowing this, you can understand how welcoming they will be when you and your friends visit the restaurant. With a beautiful outdoor patio that lights up in the evenings, the Kouzzina will allow you to enjoy the glorious spring weather alongside the most delicious foods.

3. St. Louis Bar & Grill

What food do you look forward to eating at a restaurant? You might be interested in eating sandwiches, or maybe you feel like eating a green salad. At St. Louis Bar & Grill, you can be sure that there is a type of food for all your friends. Not only is it a great place to go with friends, but it’s also a great place for children. St. Louis Bar & Grill has a kid’s menu, so that your children can enjoy similar foods as you, but in a smaller quantity. Head there today to enjoy a simple, yet appetizing meal outside in the spring breeze.

4. Tucos Taco Lounge

If you have food allergies or intolerances, you might be wondering which restaurant would work best for you. Tucos Taco Lounge is known for their allergy-friendly food items. They have many gluten-free options, as most of their tacos are created with a flour that does not contain gluten. Additionally, they have vegan options, where the burritos, nachos, and tacos are served with beans, soy, vegan mayonnaise, and other vegetables. If you are a vegan living in Sudbury, check out our blog here to read about 3 other vegan restaurants in Sudbury.

5. Verdicchio Ristorante

Verdicchio Ristorante creates traditional Italian foods with prime freshness, as they sample from the best Northern Ontario growers. If you, and your friends or family, are expecting a high-quality meal, Verdicchio is the place to go. You have a choice of pastas, risottos, and mains that will leave you feeling completely satisfied. Not to mention, their outdoor patio is spacious and clean, allowing you to eat your food underneath the warmth of the spring sun.

If you are thinking of staying in Sudbury for a few days to enjoy these outdoor patios, the Quality Inn Sudbury is here to accommodate all your travel needs! We will ensure your rooms are nice and comfortable after the food coma you might experience when trying these different foods. Book your stay with us today by calling 705-675-1273.