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Top 5 March Break Camps In Sudbury

Top 5 March Break Camps In Sudbury

Are your children getting excited for the March Break? While March Break is a time of excitement for school aged children, it’s also a difficult time for parents or guardians who will still need to work during the break. If you are looking to keep your children occupied and out of the house throughout the March Break, read our list below of the Top 5 March Break camps in Sudbury.

1. Art Camp

Do you have artistic children who like to spend their spare time drawing, painting, or sculpting objects? Then, the art camp at the Art Gallery of Sudbury will be perfect for them! The March Break Camp runs from 10 am to 4 pm, with extended care available if needed. At this camp, your children will spend each day learning new artistic skills. If your children want to spend more time creating art, sign them up for an entire week’s worth of art camp here.

2. Jungle Gym Gymnastics Camp

Are your children over the age of 4 with a love for gymnastics? At Jungle Gym Gymnastics, your children will have a chance to work on their gymnastic skills, or simply enjoy the fun of partaking in gymnastics. With themes from Costume Day to PJ Day, you can be sure your children will love the thrill of dressing up and spending time in the Jungle Gym everyday! To register your children, click here.

3. RHP Training Camp

Are you a hockey family? If your children are athletic hockey players, you should consider signing them up for a March Break camp that will improve their stick handling, puck control, skating, and shooting skills. This camp will have both on-ice and off-ice components, so your children can work their hardest to becoming the best hockey player they can be. For more information, click here.

4. The Cube STEM Camp

Do your children need to work on their creativity and curiosity? At the Cube STEM camp, these are the 2 main goals! Each camp day is different, as some days involve learning science, while others involve arts or technology. If your children are interested in working with LEGO, robotics, or AI, help them pursue their interests by signing them up for the Cube STEM camp. Click here for more information.

5. YMCA Camp

If your children have interests that are constantly changing, the YMCA March Break camp is perfect for them! In this camp, your children will have a chance to swim, run, play games, and create crafts. To give your children a variety of activities to do during the March Break, register them for the YMCA camp. Register here!

While having a week off from school might seem exciting to kids, having a routine is important in a youngster’s life. If you want to keep the school routine up while in a different setting, you can sign them up for any of these March Break camps, so they can be sure to learn something new! If you and your children need a place to stay after partaking in these draining activities, the Quality Inn Sudbury has a relaxing place for you to rest in. Call us at 705-675-1273 to book your stay today!