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5 Hikes You Need to Take in Sudbury

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Visiting Sudbury but don’t know what to do during your stay? Well, Sudbury is home to tons of beautiful hiking trails to take advantage of! Get in a workout and some beautiful views by heading out to these 5 fantastic hiking trails.

Mallard’s Landing Trail

This hiking trail is along the Southern parts of Sudbury, around where Regent meets Algonquin. It is a fairly short trail, but it features a beautiful boardwalk that overlooks a pond. If you’re bringing children, this trail even has a playground that they will love!

Robinson Trail

This particular trail is a local Sudbury favourite. It is a kilometer-long trail that runs along Robinson Lake (which is where the name is from). Along this trail you will also find a playground and beautiful, marshier scenery.

Spruce Street Trails

This trail is a little less well-known as it runs in the small area of wilderness around Big Nickel Mine Drive, Elm Street and Spruce Street. For locals of the area, this trail is an absolute favourite, though! Bring a dog with you to enjoy the pine-needle littered floors, well-cleared paths and apocalyptic rock pits!

Minnow Lake Trail

The east side of Sudbury is home to Minnow Lake trail, which is right next to Minnow Lake. This trail is unique as it is a great spot to pick blueberries as you hike and enjoy them in a beautiful gazebo that overlooks the small lake!

Percy Park Path

This trail is fun both because it is beautiful and because of the name (say “Percy Park Path 3x fast, we dare you). It is a fairly short trail that will offer you a quick getaway and another beautiful and colourful playground for any children travellers! 

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