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It can be fun travelling with a group – here’s how!



It cannot be denied that traveling solo is fulfilling. But it is fun if you go out on a group trip too. A whole lot of excitement, bonding and adventure awaits you. A group may mean your family, circle of friends, old-high school classmates, co-workers or relatives. Whatever it is, no matter what size – it is sure to be a memorable experience to spend time somewhere new with these people.

1. Don’t want to get into hassles? Let a travel agent take care of it. Choosing and seeking the help of a reliable travel agent would make the whole process hassle free! Make sure to assess credibility of the agency and experience in handling group trips or travel.

2. Work as a team. A good research, with every member participating, on the possible destinations, forms of transportation, amenities and accommodation should help you meet majority of the needs of your group. Also, you must have enough time comparing the prices.

3. Be sure to seek a copy of the contract you have with the agent you have chosen. Have everything in paper, like the summary of your itinerary and reservations as well as all the necessary information. Share it among the group members.

4. When there are destination tours always have a copy of the list of buses, timetable of the tour and assign somebody to be responsible for the seating arrangements and if ever the honorarium for the drivers are included in the fee.

5. Assure that the trip activities are exclusively for the members only. Outsiders must not be allowed to join or meddle on the affairs of the group.

6. For meals, the group can be in contact with restaurant managers for deals or offers. You may want to assign group leaders for larger groups to make sure everything is taken care of.

With all these points to ponder – you are sure to make the best out of your group trip!

Greater Sudbury has a lot of fun events and activities for small to bigger groups. On top of all that, Quality Inn Sudbury offers group booking and exclusive access to some of our facilities. So, the next time you’re travelling in a group – we would love to make your trip fun & memorable!