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5 Springtime Adventures To Experience In Sudbury

5 Springtime Adventures To Experience In Sudbury

With spring blooming, it’s the perfect time to dive into the top five springtime adventures to experience in Sudbury. From hiking to scenic trails at A. Y. Jackson Lookout to learning about Sudbury’s historic landmarks, Sudbury is brimming with activities for nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Get ready to cruise along Ramsey Lake or uncover your hidden photographer at Bell Park – there’s something for everyone in this picturesque springtime paradise.

1. Scenic Bell Park Visit

Bell Park in Sudbury offers a serene escape surrounded by nature. The scenic trails winding through the park provide the perfect setting for leisurely walks, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of the outdoors. With lush greenery and stunning views of Lake Ramsey, each step along these paths is a journey into tranquility.

At Bell Park, there are numerous amenities catering to both relaxation and recreation. Picnic areas offer ideal spots for enjoying outdoor meals with family and friends while playgrounds keep younger visitors entertained. Sports facilities within the park allow active individuals to engage in various activities such as volleyball or basketball, adding an element of fun and fitness to your visit.

2. A. Y. Jackson Lookout

At A. Y. Jackson Lookout, marvel at the panoramic views of Sudbury’s landscape, featuring the towering Inco Superstack dominating the skyline. The lookout offers a perfect vantage point to appreciate the city’s industrial charm against its natural backdrop. Capture stunning images of this iconic landmark and witness a blend of urban development with raw natural beauty.

3. Onaping’s High Falls Discovery

Embark on an adventure to Onaping’s High Falls where you’ll encounter a breathtaking waterfall cascading down rugged cliffs into a serene pool below. This picturesque setting provides an ideal spot for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts alike.

Explore winding trails leading to the falls, offering glimpses of untouched wilderness along the way. As you stand in awe of this majestic sight, take time to absorb the peaceful ambiance surrounding these captivating waterfalls.

4. Exploring Kivi Park

Kivi Park in Sudbury is a nature lover’s paradise, offering beautiful trails for hiking and biking. The park boasts stunning scenery with lush greenery, serene lakes, and abundant wildlife. Visitors can enjoy picnics by the water or simply relax in nature’s embrace.

5. Ramsey Lake Cruise Excursion

The Ramsey Lake Cruise offers breathtaking views of the pristine waters and greenery surrounding Sudbury. Passengers can relax on the boat, taking in the tranquil ambiance while spotting local wildlife like ducks and geese along the shoreline.

During the cruise, passengers are treated to engaging commentary about Sudbury’s history, landmarks, and interesting facts about Ramsey Lake. Learn about significant events that shaped the area while cruising along this picturesque water body.

Make sure to pack your sense of adventure and camera for those Instagram-worthy moments. With these 5 springtime adventures to experience in Sudbury, we’re sure your trip will be nothing short of spectacular. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your gear, rally your friends, and get ready to dive into the beauty and excitement that Sudbury has to offer this spring!

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Best Ways To Experience Fall In Sudbury

Best ways to experience fall in sudbury

Are you seeking a destination that perfectly captures the essence of autumn? Look no further than Sudbury, Ontario. This picturesque city is renowned for its stunning fall foliage, offering you a chance to immerse yourself in the beauty of the season.

Imagine strolling through vibrant landscapes adorned with a kaleidoscope of colours, as the crisp air fills your lungs. Sudbury in autumn is a feast for the senses, where nature puts on an awe-inspiring show. Discover why Sudbury should be at the top of your list when planning an autumn getaway. Read our blog to learn about the best ways to experience fall in Sudbury, so you can embrace all that this charming town has to offer.

1. Go Hiking

Take a leisurely hike through one of Sudbury’s many nature trails surrounded by colourful leaves. You can explore the trails at Lake Laurentian Conservation Area and witness the breathtaking fall foliage or discover the vibrant fall colours along the A.Y. Jackson Trail, Kivi Park, or Fielding Bird Sanctuary.

2. Take A Photoshoot

Capture breathtaking photos of the fall foliage at all of Sudbury’s nature landmarks, such as Bell Park, Ramsey Lake, or Lake Laurentian Conservation Area. Here you can capture stunning shots of trees adorned with fall colours. Don’t forget to dress up for the occasion, so you can take aesthetic fall photos in nature’s autumn palette.

3. Go On A Road Trip

Enjoy a scenic drive along Highway 69 to witness and admire the stunning autumn scenery. Marvel at picturesque landscapes as you drive past French River Provincial Park or Grundy Lake Provincial Park. Stop at various lookout points such as A.Y. Jackson Trail for mesmerizing vistas of fall colours. Make sure to create a magical autumn playlist, so you can experience the good vibes of the new season!

4. Treat Yourself To Some Seasonal Flavours

Visit Sudbury Market downtown and explore an array of fresh produce showcasing fall harvest delights. Sample mouthwatering apple cider from local vendors while browsing through stalls filled with pumpkins, squash, and other seasonal produce. Treat yourself to tasty treats like freshly baked pies, apple fritters, and maple syrup-infused delicacies.

5. Go Canoeing

Now we know what you are thinking. Canoeing in the fall? Yes, canoeing in the fall is just as great as during the summer, especially because you can surround yourself by vibrant fall foliage. Grab your paddle and set off on an exciting canoeing or kayaking excursion down Onaping River. Immerse yourself in nature as you navigate through winding waterways enveloped by colourful trees. Keep an eye out for wildlife like beavers who might be building their homes along the riverbanks.

6. Visit Manitoulin Island

Just off the coast of Sudbury is Manitoulin Island, known as the world’s largest freshwater island. Indulge in a leisurely stroll along its shores while admiring the vibrant autumn colours surrounding you. Explore quaint towns and villages nestled amidst nature’s stunning palette, and discover hidden gems, such as Silver Water Syrups, where you can enjoy delicious maple syrup, taffy, fudge, and cotton candy.

Now that you know the best ways to experience fall in Sudbury, it’s time to start planning your autumn adventure. Get ready to immerse yourself in the stunning colours of nature, indulge in delicious seasonal treats, and explore all that Sudbury has to offer during this magical season. If you need a place to stay after your autumn adventures, the Quality Inn Sudbury will provide you with a comforting and relaxing place to stay the night. Call us at 705-675-1273 to book your stay today!

Top 5 Day Trips For Families In Sudbury

day trips for families in Sudbury

School is almost done for the year! With summer right around the corner, it’s time to start creating lists of activities you can do with your children. Luckily for you, we have put together a list of top 5 day trips for families in Sudbury. Read our blog for inspiration!

1. Dinosaur Valley Mini Golf & Josephine’s Vegetables

Do your children like dinosaurs and golf? Then this is the perfect activity for them! At Dinosaur Valley Mini Golf, your children will walk through a beautifully landscaped golf course that is covered in multiple dinosaurs made of steel. If your children are young and get bored easily, you can choose a golf adventure with fewer holes, but if your children are ready to compete for the best golfer in the family, you can purchase a 45-hole adventure package!

2. Sudbury Kartways

If your children have always dreamed of driving, then Go Karting is an ideal activity for them to do this summer. Sudbury Kartways provides everything for your need for speed! For children over 8 years old, and 52 inches in height, they get to drive their own Go Kart. If you have children under 8 years old, and under 52 inches in height, don’t fret! Your child can accompany an adult on a double-seat kart for no extra charge. Head down to Sudbury Kartways to race your children in this speedy activity!

3. KUPP Centre – Indoor Playground And Laser Tag

What is KUPP? KUPP stands for Kids Ultimate Play & Party Centre. This means if your children are constantly energetic with seemingly no downtime, you can be sure this place is right for them. With a 3-level indoor play structure, a rock-climbing wall, swings, and much more, your child will have a chance to expend their energy, so they can have a good night’s rest. The KUPP centre also has laser tag in an arena of mazes and obstacles, meaning your children will also be stimulating their brain to complete these tasks.

4. Puzzled Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are fun for the whole family! If you are looking for a family bonding activity you can complete in the summer, Puzzled Escape Rooms is a great place to spend an afternoon or evening. Additionally, the escape rooms are labelled with different difficulty levels, so you can begin by partaking in an easier level. When your family is confident to move to a harder level, you can book another escape room with a higher difficulty level.

5. Nickel City Paintball

Nickel City Paintball is located on 10 acres of wooded terrain in Sudbury. The facility offers a picnic area, washrooms, snacks, and drinks. As paintball is more thrilling than the other activities on the list, it is recommended for families that have children over the age of 12. Paintball is also suggested for more active families as the games require you to run and be stealthy.

If any of these top 5 day trips appeal to you or your family, it’s important to plan out your day ahead of time. For families travelling to Sudbury, consider booking a room at the Quality Inn Sudbury, so you can have a place to wind down after your active day out in Sudbury. Book your stay by calling 705-675-1273 today!

4 Activities For Family Day Weekend In Sudbury

Family Day is coming up soon and there is no better place to spend it with your kids than in Sudbury! Whether you live in the area or are visiting, there are plenty of fun and family-friendly things to do that we can ensure your entire family will enjoy! Read our blog below to learn more:

1. Enjoy Homemade Food At The Kouzzina

Highly rated on Tripadvisor, The Kouzzina offers an exciting mix of Italian and Greek influences in their cuisine, as well as offers a cozy family friendly environment! Children can choose from high-quality homemade children’s meals, and guests also have the option of ordering gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian meals! Prefer to enjoy your food outside of the restaurant? The Kouzzina also offers easy online ordering for pick up or delivery!

2. Visit Science North

Located south of Downtown Sudbury, and accessible by public transport, Science North is well known as the premier science destination in Northern Ontario… and is the only one in the region with its very own IMAX theatre (tickets sold separately)! The centre offers a wide range of activities for all ages: from learning more about the ecosystem of Northern Ontario and the importance of climate preservation, to allowing children to get hands on and polish their own minerals, this science centre has it all! Ticket prices for Science North range from $16-20 per person (all kids under 4 go free) and can be purchased online together with tickets for the IMAX theatre.

3. Skate The Nina’s Way At Kivi Park

Looking to make the most of the winter weather with your children? Enjoy the stunning nature while skating on the Nina’s Way at Kivi Park! This beautiful 1.3 KM natural skating trail is open from 11 AM to 9 PM daily, and features music and LED lights at night. It also has its own café, so you can warm up or have a snack after skating! Kivi Park is free for children under 10 years old and is $10 per person for anyone over the age of 10. Unfortunately, Kivi Park does not offer skate rentals, so it is required to bring your own skates. Dogs, sleds, and strollers are not allowed on the trail, and wearing a helmet is highly recommended.

4. Spend An Active Indoor Day At The Urban Air Adventure Park

Want to stay active with your family while also escaping the cold? Look no further than the Urban Air Adventure Park! Located in Northern Sudbury, this indoor activity centre offers many activities including trampolines, climbing walls, a zip line, a wipe out course, and much more! After partaking in all these exhilarating activities, you are sure to feel hungry. Luckily, Urban Air Adventure Park has an indoor pizza place where you can re-fuel!Tickets are available on site or online with no booking required. The centre is open daily from 4-9 PM, opening earlier on the weekend, at 11 AM.

Whether you and your family will be spending Family Day by skating the Nina’s Way, jumping on a trampoline, or learning new scientific facts, a good night’s rest will be important for your family day weekend. The Quality Inn Sudbury will provide you with a warm and comfortable place to stay the night. Book your stay by calling us at (705) 675-1273.