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Where To Buy Chocolate In And Around Sudbury

where to buy chocolate in and around Sudbury

As Easter is right around the corner you must be looking for some places to buy chocolates and other goodies. While you might have a few stores in mind, we have put together a list of stores you can buy your delicious sweets at. If you are looking where to buy chocolate in and around Sudbury, continue reading.

1. The Candy Store

The Candy Store is one of Sudbury’s most beloved sweets stores! While it is most commonly known for having a wide selection of candy, including gummies, hard candies, and others, you can also buy chocolate here. The best part about this store is that you can buy your sweets in bulk. So, if you plan on giving a chocolate basket to one friend, or multiple friends, The Candy Store can accommodate you!

2. Huckleberries Chocolatier

Located directly in Downtown Sudbury, Huckleberries Chocolatier is home to fine Belgian chocolates, truffles, and other chocolate confections. If you are not only interested in classic milk or dark chocolate, Huckleberries Chocolatier is the place for you as it stocks a variety of flavours, including peanut patties, mint stuffed oreos, and kitchen sink bark. Curious to see what these treats taste like? Drop by to purchase them today!

3. Raven Rising – Global Indigenous Chocolates

Are you looking to buy chocolates and support small businesses at the same time? The chocolates at Raven Rising focus on traditional ingredients sourced from Indigenous people and businesses. With a focus on offering sustainable, ethically sourced, and organic ingredients, you can be sure that you will be eating quality chocolate. Raven Rising is currently selling Easter-themed chocolates: caramel or crispy bunnies, baby chocolate bunnies, dark chocolate eggs, and more! Check them out today!

4. Purdys Chocolatier

In the heart of the New Sudbury Centre, you will find Purdys Chocolatier. Caramel chocolates, truffles, nutty chocolates, you name it! Purdys Chocolatier will have something for you and your loved ones! In fact, Purdys is so accommodating, that they have options for individuals who are vegan, gluten-intolerant, and kosher. If you are spending the day shopping at the New Sudbury Centre, make sure to check out Purdys for your individual chocolates, Easter gift baskets, and Easter gift boxes.

What chocolates do you look most forward to eating on Easter? If you are eager to try the different chocolates from the list of stores we provided, head to Sudbury today! Need a place to crash after your sugar rush? The Quality Inn Sudbury will provide you with a nice and quiet place to stay the night. Book your stay by calling us at (705) 675-1273.