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Top 5 Camping Sites For Families In Sudbury

Top Camping Sites In Sudbury

Spring is here! The breeze is fresh, the sun is bright, and the flowers are flourishing. Are you and your family looking forward to the new outdoor adventures you can go on in the spring? If your family enjoys camping, or would like to go camping, we have created a list of the top 5 camping sites for families in Sudbury.

1. Villa Maria Camp

Off the coast of Richard Lake is Villa Maria Camp. They are known for being one of the top family-friendly campsites in Sudbury. It is a clean campground in a quiet location that allows you to enjoy the sounds and smells of nature! This camp offers to set up bonfires for the night, so you and your family can meet other families, and enjoy the evening together. For more information, check out their Facebook account here.

2. Cedar Grove Campground

Cedar Grove Campground is located in Northern Ontario on McCharles Lake. This campsite has a fishing area, as well as calm waters where your children can swim. The campground allows for RV’s and trailers, so if you like to camp with them, you will be welcome at this campground. Additionally, they have a playground, and walking trails, so you can be active throughout your trip. Finally, if you plan on staying for a while, Cedar Grove Campground offers amenities, such as laundry facilities, washrooms, and showers, so you can clean up after a long day outdoors.

3. Centennial Park

At Centennial Park, the campground has 54 campsites, each with 32 acres of land. It is located on a lakefront with functional showers, a picnic area, a play structure for kids, and so much more! Depending on the season, a lifeguard usually takes care of the waterfront, so you can ensure your children will be guarded while in the water. The scenery is also picturesque and great if you want to feel connected to nature.

4. Mine Mill Local 598/CAW Campground

Mine Mill 598 campground is another one of our top campgrounds in Sudbury. Just like many others, they offer laundry services, washrooms with showers, and a playground. They also have WIFI throughout the park, so if you and your family need a break from the outdoors, make sure to bring technology that can be accessible by WIFI.

5. Wanapitei Provincial Park

Wanapitei Provincial Park has many places that you can explore or camp at. The water is beautiful, and it is accompanied by lots of sand, so you can build as many sandcastles as your heart desires. You can go swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and even fishing on the lake! If you enjoy partaking in water activities while camping, Wanapitei Provincial Park will work best for you and your family.

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