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The Best Breakfast Spot in Sudbury

As a hotel, we’re pretty serious about breakfast. We’ve basically perfected the experience of waking up from a soft, warm, comfortable bed and heading straight to a plate piled up with scrambled eggs, crispy bacon (or chewy—we don’t judge), and buttered toast (or jammed, again—we don’t judge). Here is our suggestion for the best breakfast spot in Sudbury.

Don Cherry’s Restaurant
390 Elgin Street

Our very own Don Cherry’s Restaurant is a favourite spot for breakfast among Sudbury locals. Choose from our wide selection of delicious and satisfying breakfast foods. On weekends, select from one of our 3 breakfast specials running from 7am – 10am that includes a Classic Breakfast, Eggs Benny, or Belgium Waffle for only $6.99!

After enjoying the best (and most important) meal of the day, you can easily walk around the downtown core of Sudbury due Don Cherry’s convenient location!

Traveling up to Sudbury for business, pleasure, or anything in between can be made an absolute delight by simply including 2 elements into your trip: breakfast and making Quality Inn Sudbury your accommodation of choice. Stay with us and experience every great breakfast location that Sudbury has to offer (after stuffing yourself at our own complimentary breakfast, that is). Our location right in the heart of Sudbury makes this easy and convenient.

Don’t complicate your travel accommodations—allow us at Quality Home Inn To accommodate you and give you the best hotel experience possible. Call us at 1.800.461.1120 to reserve a room today.