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Top Places In Sudbury To Take Aesthetic Pictures

Top Places In Sudbury To Take Aesthetic Pictures

In Canada, spring and summer are the best seasons to take aesthetic pictures in. The sun is bright, the flowers are blooming, and you can wear beautiful clothes without layering! If you live in Sudbury and are interested in upping your Instagram game, check out the top places in Sudbury to take aesthetic pictures. Continue reading:

1. Tucos Tacos Lounge

Tucos Tacos Lounge is best known for its delicious nachos, burritos, and tacos. However, when eating your food, have you noticed the design of the lounge? The lounge has a cozy wooden interior, with stunning artwork on the walls. Before you chow down into your homemade tortillas and guacamole, pose for the camera to show your followers your clean outfit.

2. Up Here Murals

What is more aesthetic than creative pieces of art? Downtown Sudbury is covered in murals thanks to the Up Here Festivals. Maybe you like bold colours, simple designs, or portraits… Whatever aesthetic you like, you will be sure to find it in one of the many murals. Research the murals here, so you can plan the outfit you would like to wear when posing in front of specific artwork.

3. Paradise Lagoon

Paradise Lagoon is connected to the Chiniguchi River and is a small circular body of water that is surrounded by rock walls of granite and quartz. But that’s not all! Did we forget to mention that Paradise Lagoon is also accompanied by rushing waterfalls? In the warmer months, the water becomes crystal-blue making it a spectacular place to take aesthetic pictures in. If you have purchased a new bathing suit and are looking to show it off in a stunning setting, make sure to take a visit to Paradise Lagoon.

4. Flurples

What is Flurples? If you have never heard about Flurples, you are missing out! Flurples is a vegan ice cream shop that sells ice cream of almost any flavour you can think of. It is located in a cute polka dot building across from Tucos Tacos Lounge. Here is a tip for taking an aesthetic picture in front of Flurples: Purchase a colourful ice cream while wearing a sun dress. When you pose, make sure to show your bright smile to your lovely Instagram friends!

5. Lake Laurentian Conservation Area

Last, but certainly not least, is Lake Laurentian Conservation Area. Of course, we had to add one of Sudbury’s famous green areas. This conservation area is complete with a blue lake, scenic overlooks, and nature trails. Not all aesthetic pictures need to be taken in planned indoor areas; in fact, being in nature will make your picture look more unrefined. Plan a picnic for your visit to Lake Laurentian Conservation Area, as it will make for a great setup for photos.

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