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Super Ridiculous Hotel Requests That Guests Make

Super Ridiculous Hotel Requests

Most hotel reservation forms include a small textbox for special requests. While the staff cannot guarantee to fulfill them, most hotels try to accommodate in some way. That said, some guests expect much more than the conventional hotel experience. Beyond early morning wake ups or extra linens, hotels receive some crazy requests. Here are a few highlights from the web, where hospitality was at its best.

Pillow Forts features two cases where hotel guests ask for a pre-built pillow fort. The first came from a 28-year old male who provided little instruction on how he wished to see the fort constructed. Here’s what the staff came up with:








Conversely, a hotel-goer in Seattle wrote blueprints: five pillows, a linen canopy and one towel folded into the shape of an elephant. This same guest requested a picture of “sexy fruit” for the nightstand.


 Pictures in Frames

Sexy fruit is an odd interest, but Sarah Kovacs Grywacz topped it with her infatuation with Nicolas Cage. Upon checking in, she asked for a signed photo of Nicolas Cage delivered to her room. She received several photos throughout her stay.











One travelling businessman, known as Jnut731 on Imgur, decided to follow suit with a stranger request. He wanted a “picture of a dog dressed as a boat captain.” Obliged, the staff left such a photo on the bed.

dog pic

Food Products

When most of us think of room service, dining in our hotel rooms comes to mind. Apparently, some Travelodge guests think otherwise. According to the company, one guest asked the staff to draw a bath of goat’s milk so that she could bathe like Cleopatra.

At a different chain, one guest decided that the mini-fridge would not suffice and ordered just three M&Ms. He instructed the staff to leave the M&Ms out on the table for him and his wife to eat. Each would consume one, then perhaps split the third should they get hungry in the night.