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Suitcase Essentials for a Business and Golf Trip

Golf Suitcase Essentials

Business and golf mix well together. It’s a leisure sport that all types of people can participate in and enjoy. The outdoor atmosphere helps to reduce workplace stress, build relationships and facilitate conversion. Successful businessmen and businesswomen around the world recognize these benefits:

  • 90% of Fortune 500 CEO’s play golf;
  • Golfing executives make 17% more money on average;
  • 54% of business professionals believe golf to be a strong networking sport.

Given the statistics above, it might not surprise you when your business schedules a golfing retreat. If new to the sport or to the concept of business travel, you might wonder what to bring. Here are a few of the essentials to think about.

Consult the Club’s Website or Brochure

Most country clubs post their dress codes online so that players know what to wear on the course and in the dining facilities. Read these guidelines thoroughly before packing your suitcase. Depending on the club, the staff you may deny you entry without the proper clothing. Commonly, clubs ask for the following:

  • Collared shirts,
  • Slacks or long shorts,
  • Sneakers and/or appropriate cleats,
  • Visor or hat.

Many new golfers dress to impress, forgetting that golf is still a sport. Make sure to pack stretchable, breathable fabrics. As well, get to know your itinerary so that you can pack extra outfits or multi-purpose ones. For example, will you attend a dinner immediately after the 18th hole or can you return first to the hotel?

Regarding your clubs, if you do not own a set, inquire about rentals. However, if you would rather buy a set for the trip, read our guide on travelling with golf clubs.

Bring Networking Materials

If the golf trip involves members from other businesses and organizations, consider packing:

  • Business cards;
  • A smartphone, tablet or other notetaking accessory;
  • Emergency personal hygiene items (i.e. mints, hand sanitizer, sunscreen).

Ask your manager for specifics on the subject matter of the retreat, too, as this will help you prepare materials to bring.