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Stop Doing These Four Things in 2018 to Realize Your Travel Dreams

Stop Doing These Three Things in 2018 to Realize Your Travel Dreams

If you’re prioritizing travel in 2018, you have to be intentional in this pursuit. Lifestyle changes may be necessary, to better align your behaviour with your goals. Here are four things you should stop doing in 2018 to realize your travel dreams.

Don’t Just Dream, Plan!

Travel blogs, guidebooks and social media pages dedicated to the adventures of others can be great sources of inspiration; however, at a certain point, you actually have to take action for yourself. 

Instead of just dreaming about where you could be, look into potential travel destinations, the cheapest way to reach that destination and the cost of accommodations once there. 

Stop Buying What You Don’t Need

Unnecessary purchases can be one of the biggest factors impeding your ability to meet your travel goals. When it comes to saving for a trip, establishing priorities is key. Instead of spending your surplus income on new clothes, a night out with friends or on food, put that money towards saving for your trip. 

Saving your money takes discipline and can cause you to miss out on fun moments here and there; however, it will be worth it in the end when you realize your travel goals!

Stop Keeping Your Travel Ambitions a Secret

Sharing your travel goals with others will help it feel more real in your own mind. In addition to making your goals sound more realistic, voicing your plans with friends and family, is also reaffirming in your own mind that you can do this. 

Don’t Be Afraid!

Don’t let a fear of the unknown prevent you from travelling. Earth is full of wonderful places waiting to be explored and incredible people to converse with. If you’re a bit hesitant on the idea of travelling,  with smaller trips and gradually attempt bolder trips as you gain confidence and travel experience. For instance, maybe your first travel experience is a weekend trip to a location in your province or a neighboring province. As your experience and comfort-level increases, you can attempt longer more adventurous trips!