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The Best Spots to Read Peacefully When You Travel

The Best Spots to Read Peacefully When You Travel

Reading is a popular leisure activity—especially on vacation. In fact, more than half of millennials and centennials read at least 10 books a year; that’s almost one per month. Naturally, then, there are sundry travellers out there seeking a cozy spot to read.

The following locations are classic reading spots that you can find anywhere. If you’re interested in good places to write, too, check out this article.

Public City Parks

When the weather is nice, sitting on a park bench or leaning up against a tree can be a wonderful way to read. The great outdoors can even be relaxing when shared with other strangers. Walkers, sports players, musicians and other readers are among the types of people you’ll find yourself among (not to mention all the wildlife).

Lakeside or Poolside

Water has a calming property both when you’re immersed in it or near it. When temperatures allow for it, a fun way to dry off after swimming is to read laying on the sand or on a lounge chair.


Nothing complements a good book like a hot latte or tea. Besides serving beverages, cafes often provide comfortable furniture and jazzy music to lull you into a sedative state as you read.

Libraries and Bookstores

If you’d rather not surround yourself with people, why not books? If you didn’t bring your own novel to read, visit the local library or bookstore to find something of interest. Both locations let you read on-premise too.


Places of learning are often conducive to reading. That said, campuses are also social places—particularly for youths—so they can provide a means for meeting new people and engaging in conversations.