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How to Spend Less Money on a Vacation

Spend Less Money

The average North American travel spend keeps rising, yet fewer workers dare book time off. Last year, 55% of US citizens forfeited their vacation days—a choice worth nearly $61.4 billion in corporate benefits. The situation in Canada and various other countries is much the same.

For those who do escape from their hectic lifestyles, the bill at the end needn’t devastate the bank. Apart from wisely booking transportation and accommodation (i.e. off-peak seasons), there are ways to reduce the cost of a trip.

Explore Less Popular Spots in the City

Every city—regardless its size—has a few standout attractions. In Toronto, tourists flock to the CN Tower. Here in Sudbury, many check out the Big Nickel and Science North. Although worthwhile places to visit, cramming every tourist attraction into a trip can become costly. Lesser known spots tend to have more affordable admission fees (if any at all).

Look for Discounts and Coupons

In North America, you cannot negotiate with vendors and establishments as you might in other countries. Nevertheless, you can find discounts online or through hotels that slash the cost of activities. If you belong to any organizations, inquire about discounts with their affiliates, too. Common perks include cheap car rentals, restaurant gift cards and more.

Gorge on Lunch Specials

Most restaurants charge more at dinner, so switch your mealtimes and eat big at lunch. Later in the evening, you can always stop by a grocer and prepare something light back at the hotel. Food is one of the largest travel expenses, so limiting the amount you eat out can help you stick to a budget.

Hop on Local Transport

Rather than using cabs and rentals, take the bus around the city to save money. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the locale, too. Although sometimes less direct, city buses and trains pass through major intersections frequently enough to accommodate any travel itinerary.