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Why Your Sibling Makes an Awesome Travel Companion

Why Your Sibling Makes an Awesome Travel Companion

Compromise is a part of travelling with others. Everyone has different preferences, attitudes and budgets, and while you can find likeminded friends, a conflict will inevitably arise. Saying as much, your brother or sister may seem like an imperfect travel companion—no one can stop petty sibling squabbles from happening. But are these spats much worse than anything you’d face with friends?

Siblings are Honest

Fights with friends can last days, especially if neither party admits wrongdoing. With brothers and sisters, though, the dialogue is open; you tell each other how it is and then move on.

The reconciliation process is faster between siblings because it’s been rehearsed throughout childhood. Moreover, the two of you know each other intimately—every like and dislike. This takes away arguments regarding preferences; this information is already common knowledge.

Siblings are Responsible for Each Other

Growing up—besides the teasing and bickering—you and your sibling probably had each other’s backs. When travelling together, this sense of responsibility strengthens. Not to mention, some brothers and sisters feel as if they need to behave more appropriately, fearing their actions will circle back to other family members.

Siblings Need to Reconnect

If you’re travelling without parental supervision, then you’re likely above the age of 18. This means that you’re an independent adult, one less integrated with family life than when you were a kid. Travel can be an excellent way to revitalize brotherly or sisterly bonds weakened by time and distance.

For siblings who still live in the same household, planning a trip is a lot easier. Forget about travel apps and meetings; simply walk by his or her room and have a discussion. Chances are your parents will chime in from time to time, too.