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Sharing a Hotel Room with Your Dog?

Are you including your canine friend on your next getaway? For many people, finding a person or company to handle your pet while on vacation can be a huge hassle. So, why not bring them with you? Some hotels like Quality Inn understand the role that dogs play in our lives and do their best to accommodate. If your dog does tag along on your next trip, here’s what you need to know when keeping your dog in the hotel room.

Puppy Proficiency?

Having your dog stay in a hotel means that s(he) needs to be comfortable in a variety of settings. Ask yourself these questions before bringing your dog to a hotel.

Does your dog experience anxiety in new situations?

Dogs–much like us–have different personalities. Some pooches love exploring new locations while others would rather stay at home. Staying at a hotel creates a lot of new stimulation for your dog–new sights, smells, sounds. If you believe your puppy would find these experiences stressful, bringing them to a hotel probably isn’t the best idea. Pet sitters keep your dog at home while you enjoy your vacation.

Is your dog well socialized?

Staying at a hotel will expose your dog to adults, children and potentially other dogs. Make sure your dog is comfortable coming in contact with different people and other animals. 

Are You Okay without Room Service?

Having your puppy as a roommate could jeopardize your ability to get room cleaning. Maintaining staff safety is a top concern. To avoid frightening or stressing out your animal, room service may not clean a room occupied by a dog unless you are there to supervise.

Don’t Leave Your Pets Alone

Make sure to consider what you plan to do with your dog, should you choose to go out without them. Often, when left alone dogs can become bored and frustrated, causing destructive behavior. Damages like chewed furniture or scratched walls will be charged to you.

Here’s some friendly advice!

If you plan on leaving your dog alone, put them through high levels of exercise beforehand. Your pooch is less likely to cause mischief if s(he) is tired.

Remember, you know your dog best. You understand their personality and how they interact in different situations. So take a second and thoroughly consider the above points and then make an informed decision if keeping your pooch in a hotel is a good idea.