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How to Score the Best Hotel Room Rate

How to Score the Best Hotel Room Rate

With so many deal-finder websites online, finding affordable accommodations is easier than ever before. And yet some of your friends will somehow sniff out deals that turn you green with jealousy. Where do they find them—what’s the secret?

Give Front Desk a Call

Just speaking directly with the hotel can result in a lower price. The staff may know of rate changes not yet published online. They may also want to avoid third-party commission fees by besting their current online deals. Similarly, you can inquire as to what’s driving prices at that time (i.e. conferences, concerts, weddings, holidays, etc.). With such information, you can make smarter decisions with your reservation.

Book Cancelable Reservations

Cancelable reservations allow you to terminate your booking for a full refund. Not every hotel offers such deals; however, those that do are giving you a safety guard again price deflation. For instance, if you book a room three months prior to your stay for $200 and four weeks later that very rate drops to $150, then you can cancel and rebook to save yourself the difference.

Take Advantage of Promotions and Packages

Throughout the year, hotels will run specials that give loyalty members and large parties incentive to book. These specials may include discounts and other complementary services. For loyalty members, promotions often come about more frequently. While not always in the form of a discount, there are ways to earn more points or leverage a balance.

Sometimes, the best deals are those that group together local activities and vouchers. These make excellent weekend getaways and can save you a great deal of time arranging your plans.

Be Flexible

The best advice for saving cash on a hotel is to show a little flexibility with your dates. Both time of year and time of week affect pricing, so staying during off seasons or slow days can translate into bug savings. This brings us back to the discussion on cancelable rooms—the two strategies are often intertwined.