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Safety Precautions on Vacation

Although vacation is a time to break from daily habits and live life on the edge, safety precautions are important to implement to avoid having your vacation cut short by injury.


For many of us, trying new foods and restaurants can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of travel; however, when trying new food and restaurants, always put your safety first. If you have allergies–especially life-threatening ones–make sure to wear a medical alert bracelet and carry an Epi-pen on you. Dining at new locations can pose new threats; you may not know what other ingredients your meal has potentially touched. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Do You Wear Glasses?

For all the glasses-wearers out there, pack an extra pair or bring contacts. It would be unfortunate if your main pair broke and you were left with poor vision for the duration of your vacation.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

For many of us, vacation means extended time in the sun. In the pursuit of fun, we can forget about sunburns and sunstroke. To prevent those things from happening, incorporate some of these tips before heading out:

  • Apply sunscreen;
  • Take breaks from the sun (the shade isn’t so bad, you know);
  • Stay hydrated to control your body temperature, which can prevent sunstroke.

Leave Contact Info and Itinerary with Family or Friend

Whenever you are leaving to travel, leave your travel details with a close friend or family member. Your travel destination, length or your trip and the contact information for the hotel you’ll be staying at are all pieces of info you should provide. This is important information to leave with someone in the event something bad happens.