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When You Run Out of Money Away from Home

Spending or losing all your cash on vacation can leave you in a stressful (possibly dangerous) situation. If you fail to budget, encounter unexpected expenses or fall victim to theft, then you’ll need to borrow or withdraw more money to continue your travels.

Borrowing or Recovering Funds

Borrowing is an easy solution if you have someone back home willing to help. Via wire transfer, direct deposit or e-transfer, you can receive funds in just a few hours and resume your trip. Of course, you’ll need to repay that money, but it avoids interest fees and other financial penalties you might incur through a bank. However, if your accounts have been compromised, then accepting the borrowed funds can be difficult.

When dealing with compromised accounts, you’ll need to speak with your bank. Most issues are resolvable over the phone and will result in compensation. That said, to protect yourself fully, you should setup overdraft or some emergency line of credit. Relying on credit is not ideal, but reserving a plastic for crises is a fair precaution.

Working Locally or Online

If you run out of money with no options to borrow or recover funds, then you’ve got a serious dilemma. If travelling domestically, you can search for a temporary job. You’ll have to act quickly, though, because your hotel reservation will eventually reach its end and then you’re on the hook for whatever comes next.

Abroad, securing employment is harder because you require a visa—something that takes time and money to acquire. Alternatively, if you have a special skillset, then you can find internet and try to freelance online in your own currency.

Requesting Repatriation

As a last resort, contact the government. Typically, your country will only help if you’re abroad, in which case you can request repatriation. Repatriation happens when the government accommodates and flies you home. You will need to repay the government over time, but it is something you can apply for in a pinch.