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How Travelling Affects Your Romantic Relationships (For Better or Worse)

How Travelling Affects Your Romantic Relationships (For Better or Worse)

According to a survey by the US Travel Association, couples who travel together enjoy happier, healthier relationships. The study describes how couples who explore the world together tend to feel more satisfied and romantic, which translates into better communication, sex and compatibility. But what is it about travel that brings about such positive change in a relationship? Let’s find out.

The “Couple Bubble”

Travel puts people outside of their comfort zones, which results in the showing of true colours—so to speak. Unpredictable situations will draw out the extremes in people. They also burst the couple bubble, known otherwise as a routine. Some couples get bored with the routines they form week after week, and travel helps them to escape that everyday monotony.

Financial Cooperation

Financials play an important part in all long-term relationships. Moving in together, getting married and having children are all expensive steps in life. Vacations can be a great way to test your financial compatibility with someone—you’ll see how they save, spend and value money.

No Breaks

Even couples who live together do not spend every waking moment together. But on vacation, this is typically what happens, which can be a huge revelation for some.

You’ll get to preview that person’s habits and mannerisms, plus you’ll learn to decision-make and problem-solve together. After all, life is full of challenges and surprises. Some key lessons that you’ll learn about your partner when travelling include how he or she deals with change, develops new interests and compromises.

The type of vacation may also influence how it affects the relationship. For example, an all-inclusive trip to a resort will place much less pressure on the relationship than an impromptu road-trip.