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The Route Less Traveled: Road Trip Backroads

Road Trip Backroads

Highways provide linear, fast-paced transportation from one destination to another. Like veins, they form networks that connect vital areas in a given geography. Said areas include cities, transit stations, airports and more.

While efficient, highways can be boring to drive on for hours at a time. To make your road trip memorable, you might want to add backroad detours. Not convinced? Here are a few reasons why backroads trump highways.

Backroads Are Often Less Congested

Many road trippers worry backroads add delays; they believe that backroads meander and face low-speed limits. While some do fit this description, others resemble highways without the traffic. Surprisingly, local roads are sometimes more direct for destinations outside major cities.

Backroads Are More Interesting

Independent Traveller warns drivers of “blue highways,” as coined by the novelist William Least. Blue highways contrast scenic tours: they comprise miles of strip malls and sprawling commercial districts. Like regular highways, these are banal and not worth driving along.

To avoid blue highways—as well as dreaded toll roads—use a trip planner to map your drive. Such tools can identify interesting detours without you ever getting lost. Knowing your routes ahead of time ensures that you have an escape plan, too. This is important in the case of emergency.

Backroads Offer More Rest Stops and Sightseeing Opportunities

Highways go through bouts of nothingness—no exits, rest stops or sights. Conversely, backroads pass through small towns and cities, providing an ensemble of shops and restaurants.

That said, some country roads have even less to do or see than highways. Highways at least sprinkle gas stations and bathrooms along the way, whereas as some rural roads leave you stranded. Thus, we return to the need for a reliable trip planner.