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The Most Ridiculous Suitcases Money Can Buy

Ridiculous Suitcases

When suitcases grew wheels, travellers marvelled at how easily they could transport their belongings. Now that manufacturers have added motors, pedals and GPS tracking, how can we go back to primitive products like backpacks?


Luggage You Can Ride

Late for boarding? Never again with Modobag, an Indiegogo project that just surpassed its $50,000 goal by 282% (with one month of fundraising still to go). Touted as the world’s first “motorized, ridable luggage,” you can sit on this suitcase and cruise at 12kph around the airport.


Luggage That Transforms

Like the Modobag, you can hop onto this suitcase and pedal your way through crowds. There is downside, though. Due to its slim design, you cannot store anything in it. Instead, you’ll need to sling a backpack onto your shoulders.


Luggage That Drives Itself

Meet Hop, your smartphone-activated travel companion. Forget about pedals, this one follows behind as you navigate the airport. Should it get lost, the suitcase locks and sends an alert to your phone. Alternatively, if you’d rather not have it trail behind, you can control this robot suitcase with your phone.

Luggage That Never Made Production

From suitcase-converting chairs to bookcases, these absurd concepts never hit the market but are nonetheless entertaining to read about. Check them out at Randomly New.