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Reduce Your Environmental Footprint with Electric Vehicles

Reduce Your Environmental Footprint with Electric Vehicles

Are you aware of your vehicle’s impact on the environment? As environmental concerns grow in importance, new avenues are being pursued to limit the negative impact we have. In terms of transportation, electric vehicles are the most environmentally-friendly option. Here are other benefits to electric cars!

No Emissions

Unlike gas engines, electric engines don’t produce toxic gases that damage our atmosphere. When it comes to being eco-friendly, an electric vehicle (EV) has no equal. Even hybrid cars produce certain amounts of toxic gases.


In addition to being more environmentally-friendly EV’s also come with cost benefits. For instance, electric engines don’t require the same maintenance as gas engines, such as the need to be lubricated. This makes oil changes unnecessary. Reduced maintenance needs are one of the aspects that make electric vehicles more financially appealing.

Also, due to the benefits that electric vehicles offer the environment, many electric cars come with government incentives for pursuing a greener option.

Technological advancements have also caused the price and maintenance costs associated with EV’s to drop, which makes them more financially affordable.

Reduced Noise Pollution

From a noise standpoint, electric engines are much quieter than their gas counterparts and therefore generate much less noise pollution. So, by choosing an electric vehicle, you can look forward to a more peaceful ride.

How Far Can an EV Travel On One Charge?

On average, electric vehicles can travel approximately 100 kilometers on one charge. The distance that you can get from a single charge is dependent on the following factors:

  • The class of electric vehicle you’re driving. Some of the top performing electric engines have been known to get up to 400 kilometers on one charge.
  • The amount of weight the vehicle is carrying.
  • The vehicle’s battery size.
  • And the driver’s driving style even comes into play, in regards to the distance on charge will take you.

At Sudbury Quality Inn, we are the only hotel in northeastern Ontario that offers an EV charging station to its guests!