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Realizing a Peaceful Family Vacation

Realizing a Peaceful Family Vacation

Does your whole family live in the same house and yet none of you seem to spend any quality time together? With kids having to juggle school, after-school activities and chores, and parents having to parent, work, maintain the home and other tasks, spending time as a family is challenging. 

Vacation carves out time where a family can spend uninterrupted quality time together, without having so many other responsibilities distracting them. Below, are valuable insights for achieving a peaceful family vacation

Give Each Other Space

Although family trips are all about spending quality time together, too much time in each other’s presence can make individuals feel as though their being smothered. During your trip, consider scheduling in some free time for family members to do individual activities as well. If you have teenagers, let them go to the pool on their own or do another nearby activity. Not only will this provide them a sense of independence, but they’ll be more involved when they are spending time with you. 

Recognize Your Family Limits

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and the same thing will prove true on your family trip as well. For example, maybe you and your partner have small children and have already spent a full day out exploring. The two of you may be interested in a nice dinner at a restaurant; however, your little ones may not make it through without a tantrum. Be flexible and opt for room service, instead of a fancy dinner. 

Try New Things for the Sake of Your Loved Ones

As unique individuals, we all have different ideas of what fun is and how to best spend family time together. So, to make sure all family members have an enriching experience on your trip, try to include everyone in the planning process for the activities. Everyone should have at least one activity that they’re really looking forward to. 

This ensures everyone stays engaged on the trip, but also will help expose family members to new things. Maybe one of your children will suggest an activity that you would have never done otherwise.