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Put Your Security First on Vacation

Put Your Security First on Vacation

One of the benefits staying at a hotel offers is security; however, even with ample security precautions, you are not immune from threats. Here are some important points and proactive measures you can take to keep yourself safe on vacation.


When travelling to new places, your best bet is leaving highly valuable, important items at home. Not only to prevent them from being stolen but in the event, you lose or forget something. If you do bring along valuable items, make sure to take the necessary safety precautions, if you’re not keeping them on your person. For example, many hotels have a safe in their rooms–so guests can store valuables.


Do not share your room number with those you meet. When checking in, if others around you overhear, the front desk clerk saying your last name or room number ask to be switched to a different room.

Also, when leaving your room, keeping the lights or radio on, while you’re out, can give potential thieves the idea you’re still in the room and prevent a potential robbery.

Room Security

When in your room, it’s important to always keep the door locked. If you have someone knocking at your door, make sure they can clearly be identified first prior to allowing them in the room. If they claim to be housekeeping, make sure you can identify them as such before opening the door. If you ever feel unsure, it’s best to call the front desk.


Most hotels require identification upon check-in. Opposed to using your driver’s license, which contains your home address and other personal information, check-in with your passport.

Make sure to keep all important documents safely stored away. The ideal situation is keeping these items on your person; however, if that won’t work, have them securely packed in your luggage.