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How to Protect Your Digital Camera While Travelling

How to Protect Your Digital Camera While Travelling

Smartphones today come with impressive camera specifications. For the causal photographer, these onboard cameras are more than sufficient for sharing moments with fellow Instagram and Snapchat users. But for photography enthusiasts and hobbyists, nothing beats a proper digital camera. But these devices are quite expensive and need extra care when travelling to exciting places for picture-taking.

Pack Your Camera in a Padded Case

Always store your camera in a hard-shell, well-padded camera bag—preferably one with compartments for separating the lens from other accessories. Cases prevent damages from small scratches to complete breaks in your luggage.

Use a Plastic Bag

You never know when the weather will turn. To prevent water (or even sun) damage, bring a plastic bag with you when you go outdoors for a photography shoot.

Take Photos Discreetly

Do not brandish your digital camera in public; flaunting an expense digital device could beckon unwanted thieves. Conceal your camera in its case between photo destinations or use a strap to keep it tied to your body. A strap is also useful for avoiding accidental drops.

Backup Your Camera’s Data

Should the unthinkable happen and your camera breaks, you’ll still want to retrieve its photos. Be preventive and always sync your data at the end of each day or use multiple external storage cards to keep your photos safe.

Shoot with One Eye Open

While you may want to focus only on the shot in front of you, closing your peripherals is a bad idea when travelling to and shooting in public places. You never want to be caught unaware—people could lift your stuff or bump into you.