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Preventing Identity Theft on Vacation

Preventing identity theft on vacation

Identity theft is when personal information like your name, credit card number or personal passwords becomes compromised and another individual uses it for their own purposes. Without the appropriate safety measures, you are putting yourself at risk of identity theft. So, what do you need to know?

Avoid Unsecure Internet Connections

Unsecure internet connections leave private information such as passwords unprotected for others to potentially access. Unfortunately, on vacation, locating secure internet connections can be difficult. Often times, you’ll notice the Wi-Fi found at airports, hotels and local cafes is an open connection. To prevent the chances of identity theft, don’t check bank accounts, work emails or other sensitive accounts on these networks.

Check Your Credit Card Statements

Make it a point to check your bank account for any suspicious activity while on vacation. Many travellers wait until they have returned home to check their bank accounts; however, this gives identity thieves an edge. Not checking your account throughout your vacation gives the identity thief the opportunity to capitalize on the situation.

Safeguard Your Travel Documents

It’s important not to leave any documents containing personal information lying around. At minimum, have these items safely stored away in your luggage; however, the best option would be to keep these items on your person.

Change Passwords and PINs

Another good safety precaution is changing all passwords after returning from a trip. If your passwords or PINs get uncovered, your personal accounts are still in danger upon arriving home. Changing your passwords helps ensure your accounts are safe and you don’t become a victim.

Have a Dedicated Travel Email

Having a dedicated travel email prevents someone from accessing any personal information that you may have on your personal email or work emails.  

Keep these security tips in mind on your next vacation, so you can relax knowing your identity is not at risk!