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Preparing for Winter Driving

Preparing for Winter Driving

Often on winter trips we’re required to do some driving to get from point A to point B. However, this isn’t always an easy task when the weather is cold, the snow is falling, and the roads are slippery. To stay safe and comfortable while driving in the winter, we’ve put together a few tips to help you on your winter travels in the car.

Check Conditions and Plan Accordingly

Before taking to the road, check ahead to see what the weather is going to be like when you are leaving. If the forecast is calling for heavy snowfall, try to plan a route that avoids back roads and stays on major roadways that are more likely to be plowed. Even if it may take a bit longer, always choose the safer route.

Get Winter Tires

Winter tires are important for snowy roads as they will help provide the car with extra grip. With the added traction, you will be able to handle the car much easier and shorten breaking distance, reducing the risk of sliding or losing control on the slippery roads.

Give Yourself Extra Time

When leaving to go to your destination, make sure to leave yourself plenty of time to drive there. Driving on snowy or slippery roads requires much slower and careful driving, which sometimes can be forgotten when running late to where you’re going. Leaving lots of time to get to your destination will ensure you can slow down and focus on staying safe on the roads.

Pack the Proper Safety Supplies

Make sure to have the proper supplies packed in your trunk to stay safe and warm in case of an emergency, such as your car breaking down in the cold. This can include extra gloves, first aid kit, flashlight, water bottles, snow brush, shovel, and booster cables.