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Pet Travel: Advice for Travelling with a Nervous Pet

Pet Travel: Advice for Travelling with a Nervous Pet

For many pet owners, a cat or dog is as much a part of the family as any human member and this means they’re included in family activities such as travel. Now, as great as it can be to have your dog with you on a road trip or even in another country, the travel process by car or plane can often be stressful on animals. So, if you’re travelling with a nervous pet, use this advice to make the process as comfortable for them as possible!

Be Aware of Distress Signs

A major component of successfully travelling with your pet is understanding their body language. For example, crying and shivering are more obvious signs associated with a distressed animal; however, less apparent signs can be excessive licking, pacing or a glazed-over look.

Have Your Pet Crate or Carrier Trained

Various modes of transportation (car, plane, train, etc.) will likely cause your pet to spend extended amounts of time in their crate. For animals that aren’t used to being in such a confined space, the process will likely be very stressful.

You can improve your pet’s travel experience by building a positive relationship with the carrier, by offering treats when the animal is inside the carrier.

Travel with a Comfort Object

Bringing along a familiar toy or blanket is an excellent way to reduce anxiety and make your puppy feel more comfortable and at ease, even when they’re miles away from home.

Stay Calm At All Times

A significant factor, often overlooked with your pet’s well-being while travelling, is your own state-of-mind. How can your puppy stay calm if he picks up on your nervous energy? Even if you’re slightly nervous, doing your best to stay calm, cool and collected helps keep your pet calm as well.

At Sudbury Quality Inn, we recognize how important pets are and welcome them as guests in our hotel. If you’re planning on staying in our hotel with your pet, we ask that you please inform the hotel of this when booking your room. For further information on our pet policy, click here