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How to Pass Time Pleasantly at the Hotel

Pass Time at the Hotel

Some travellers tend to overbook their itineraries. They want to see everything, giving themselves little time to rest. Conversely, some trips include lots of downtime. For example, business functions can be hours apart. Visiting friends and family may have you waiting on their schedules too. In such cases, you’ll have time to kill at your hotel.

Flip on the Television and Watch the Local News

Unless visiting a different country, the channels available at the hotel are the ones you watch back home. While you could catch up on your favourite programs, find a local news station instead. Listening to the news can introduce you to nearby events and alert you of dangers/problems in the community.

Dip in the Pool or Hit the Weight Room

If faced with an hour or more, put on your swim trunks or athletic apparel and head downstairs to the rec area. If you choose to use the gym, give yourself a break from your regular routine. After all, vacation is about change. So if you lift weights, then use the cardio machines instead and enjoy some light stretching.

Grab a Drink in the Lounge

In the afternoon or evening, you can enjoy a drink at the bar. Most lounges offer TVs, but you can bring a book or a laptop. The lounge works well if you’re waiting for someone, as he or she can join you once they arrive. Likewise, you can carry your luggage downstairs as you wait, making it easier for someone to pick you up.