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Overcome Being a Nervous Flyer

Overcome being a Nervous Flyer

Some of us enjoy the experience of being high above the clouds like a bird. For others, the experience is rather traumatic. Fortunately, if you find travelling by plane nerve-racking, we have tips to help make the experience more comfortable. 

Practice Your Breathing

Conscious breathing is an excellent way to beat anxiety. To practice soothing breathing, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth as slow as possible. Breathing is capable of preventing a panic attack and is a great tool to staying calm during your flight.

There are even apps available, to both Apple and Android users, that will help you focus on your breathing and stay calm. 

Learn to Distract Yourself

Consider this approach as a “panic plan”. Diverting your attention away from the fact that you’re on a plane thousands of feet off the ground can help you stay calm and prevent -panic. Potential distractions can be:

  • Listening to music; 
  • Doing a puzzle; 
  • Reading a good book; 
  • Or watching a movie. 

Focus On the Positive

Learning to control the information you take in his huge benefit to preparing yourself for your trip. For instance, as a nervous flyer, you should avoid articles or new relating to plan crashes or malfunctions. Such information can just make you more nervous and anxious about your upcoming trip. 

Prepare Yourself Mentally

In many cases, our fears are not based on reality. If you find yourself fearing air travel, try to get to the route of the issue by asking yourself: “What makes air travel so intimidating?”

Do research to see if your concerns are justified, which in most cases they aren’t. Remember, driving a car is more dangerous than travelling by plane!


Don’t let a fear of flying stop you from visiting awesome travel destinations. With these tips, who knows, you might even start enjoying your flying experiences!