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How to Organize a Road Trip with Friends Pain-Free

Road Trip with Friends

Planning anything with friends takes patience. If you find coordinating a night out hard work, then imagine planning a slow cruise around the country.

Still, wrangling your favourite people together for a road trip can make for an incredible experience. There are just a few steps you should take to avoid bumps and dead ends along the way.

Meet If You Can

Ideally, everyone involved should meet in person at least once before departing. However, if no one can settle on a date or time, then you can use productivity apps like to collaboratively schedule drive times, book accommodations and research destinations.

Pick the Right People

Consider how much time you’ll spend cooped up with your friends… It’s better to leave the abrasive ones at home. Choose people who get along and can participate. In the least, everyone should have a full driver’s license. As well, make sure these people are reliable so that you can delegate responsibilities.

Alternate Choosing Stops

With group travel, everyone must compromise at some point. Don’t let one person steer—get everyone’s input. That said, leave room for mystery. If there are aspects of your trip left unplanned, then those activities found along the way will be unanimously picked.

Tell Everyone to Pack Light

Even if your car can fit a dozen suitcases, leave room for things your group will collect along the way. Whether this is a case of beer or rustic souvenirs from a roadshow, ensure there’s always room in the trunk. Packing light gives the backseat more room and makes stopping and starting easier in each city.

Set a Group-Friendly Budget

Some of your friends likely make more money than others, but this shouldn’t inconvenience the less fortunate members of your caravan. Make sure that everyone allocates a comfortable amount of money for food, gas, activities and accommodations. Settling financial matters ahead of time will prevent heated arguments down the road.

Make a Playlist or Mix

Depending on the stereo, compile a mix CD or playlist using a streaming service like Spotify. Request an x-number of preferred songs from each friend, then shuffle the selection into an eclectic soundtrack.