Great moments can happen in a split second and being able to capture those moments in a photograph is one of the best ways to hold on to it forever. Below, are strategies to take breathtaking and unique pictures that will help you hold on to those special moments. 

Rise and Shine!

A major component of photography is lighting, so putting yourself in the optimal position to take advantage of our planet’s natural lighting can have a big payoff, in regards to picture quality.

Another important thing to consider is it’s not necessarily about the lighting or what you’re taking a picture of, but finding a way to capture the focus of your shot in a new way. For instance, capturing a street that is normally bustling with people, when it’s barren of any life forms lends a whole new feel to the same location.

Change Your Perspective

When you scroll through your Instagram feed or Facebook photos, how many of your pictures are taken from eye level? My guess would be the majority (if not all of them). When taking a picture, try shooting it from multiple angles to get different perspectives on your shot.

When you’re shooting up from a lower point, you’ll get more sky in your shot, which can add drama. On the other hand, shooting down excludes dimension and really focuses on your subject.

Using different angles for your shot will give you more options for your photos and help you capture the subject in new ways. 

Integrate Scale

Scale is a key element to truly capture the grandeur of an object. The easiest way to achieve it is to have a recognizable object, such as a person, next to the object you’re trying to show in the picture. So, prior to snapping a picture, ask yourself if the main subject of your photo could benefit from having an easily identifiable point of reference in the shot.