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Navigate Summer Business Travel Like a Pro

Navigate Business Travel Like a Pro

Summer travel, for business, can be hectic and confusing; however, these tips will help you to navigate it no problem!

Use Miles for an Upgrade

Although the cost for a seat tends to increase in the summer, due to the influx of summer travellers, the demand for business travel actually goes down. This means lower fares in business class. So, if you’re a business traveller with miles to spare, this summer could be the right time to use them.

Opt for Morning Flights to Avoid Flight Delays

If you have a flight late afternoon or evening, a delay or cancellation can mean you’re out of luck for that day, which can greatly inconvenience your day.

Early morning flights provide more cushion, in terms of arriving on time. Should a flight delay occur, you have a higher chance of still making it to your destination on time and if the flight gets cancelled, you can potentially still get another flight the same day. 

Make Lounges Your Workspace

Although travelling is a time commitment, it doesn’t have to ruin productivity. If you have work to complete, the desk space, reliable Wi-Fi and complimentary snacks and drinks can make an excellent space to complete tasks.

Choose the Right Hotel

Inadequate accommodations can make or break a business trip. The location of your hotel will be important, as you’ll want to be in a location that is convenient for attending business meetings and such; however, you’ll also want to have a hotel stay where excessive noise doesn’t prevent you from completing your work and. Try opting for hotels that an;t popular hotel destinations can be packed and make your hotel stay less

Pack Extra Clothes

Temperatures are high in the summer months and this translates to more sweating on your part. Bringing extra dress shirts can be great to avoid feeling all gross and sweaty in a business suit during a meeting.