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Navigate Flying Standby like a Pro

Navigate Flying Standby Like a Pro

When your meeting time is moved up and you have to arrive at your destination sooner or you’re trying to save costs on a plane ticket, flying standby can be a worthy option. If you want to go this route, planning is in order though. Use the following tips to fly standby like a pro.

Avoid Peak Travel Time

When flying standby, consider that you may have a harder time depending on the time of year. Holidays, long weekends and big events all increase airport traffic and make finding a plane seat that much harder.

Mind Your Manners

Whether you don’t get on a flight or get on, only to lose the spot to a ticketed passenger, being polite is essential. Remember, these are the risks you run flying standby and showing manners is not only respectful but might just encourage the gate agent to try and help you out.

Give Yourself Extra Time

When flying standby, definitely don’t show up at the airport late. To have the best chance of finding a free seat, get to the airport early and target the first flights out in the morning (these are most likely to have no-shows). If you’re travelling domestic, give yourself at minimum one day to get there and two if it’s international. 

Be Flexible

When trying to find a flight last minute, consider broadening your destination to other airports in the general area. This can expose you to more flights that can get you to your destination sooner. 

At Sudbury Quality Inn, we not only want to provide you with awesome accommodations but give you tips that can make your in travel experience as enjoyable as possible. Check out our other blogs for travel pointers and information on our wonderful city.