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Make the Most of Your Hotel Review!

Make the Most of Your Hotel Review!

Whether it’s highlighting specific areas you thought the hotel excelled in or drawing attention to aspects of your stay you feel could have been better, reviews have much to offer both hotels and other travellers. 

Reviews give hotels valuable feedback on how to enhance their customer experience and help other travellers determine if this hotel’s right for them. 

Be Detailed

It’s not enough to just say you liked or disliked the experience. Elaborate on what made your experience so enjoyable or disagreeable. Your personal experience won’t reflect that of everyone else’s and another reader may have opposing personal preferences and after reading your review, decide this hotel fits their needs. 

Add Photos

You’re painting a much clearer picture for the readers of your review by incorporating pictures. For instance, if you’re trying to describe incredible aspects of your hotel experience, include pictures of your awesome room, breath-taking hotel view or spectacular meals. 

Wait a Couple Days to Write Your Review

Waiting a couple days gives you adequate time for proper reflection on your hotel experience, so you can write an objective review. For your review to truly help, don’t let your emotions cloud your opinion. Even if you feel numerous areas could be improved upon, try listing both the positives and negatives. Now the reader has a complete picture of your stay and can decide whether it’s right for them. Remember, we don’t all want the same experience! The areas that turned you away might actually draw in others–so, don’t be biased!

Imagine if we were all intentional about leaving meaningful reviews after a hotel stay. Fellow travellers would have vast amounts of reviews to base their choice of accommodations on and hotels could access unbiased reviews to better improve their services for future guests. Use these tips to write meaningful reviews and bring hotel experiences to the next level!